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New Year, New Projects, Same Hustle

We hope your year is off to a great start. We’ve had a full plate thus far with virtual producing, ship-a-kit production, in person filming with proper Covid compliance and lots of post-production. We’re always pushing ourselves to create new and better video content for our partners while overcoming the challenges that are out there. […]

ASL 2020 Year End Review

2020 was a year we will never forget. There were so many new challenges to the way we lived and worked. In the face of these challenges, ASL created new opportunities. Our year not only saw growth in our business, but also saw growth in our ability to adapt to whatever obstacles are put in […]

Zoom Video Production Best Practices

Over the past 10 months Zoom has become a large part of our lives. We’re meeting up with friends, celebrating holidays and conducting business all through the online meeting platform. Zoom has also become a great way to capture content. Virtual conferences, online meetings and interviews are all viable pieces of content to capture from […]


Sizzle video. It’s not just the sound bacon makes on the frying pan, but one of the most ubiquitous forms of video content out there. What is also a brief reel for actors, directors, and camera ops to show their work in a snippy form, is also an industry standard in event video production. So […]

Over 1 Million Views for Our Intel Video Campaign

Our Partnership with Intel has Generated Over 1 MILLION VIEWS In 2020, ASL collaborated with Intel, and agency partner McGarryBowen, on a series of videos centered around Neuromorphic and Quantum computing. Our goal was to create captivating video content explaining what both advanced computing operations were and introducing the people behind the developments of these advancements at Intel. The […]


ASL Provides Full Remote Viewing/Producing Capabilities ASL Has Produced Over 50 Remote Video Productions Since COVID-19 Changed Our World In March ASL Productions is a trusted leader in remote video productions. We have full remote filming, directing and viewing capabilities through Zoom or other online meeting platforms. Our fully remote access allows our clients to have complete […]


Since 2019, we’ve been working hand in hand with social media agency Attention Global and their client, Abbott Laboratories, promoting the many wonders of Abbott’s Freestyle Libre 14-day glucose monitoring system. We’ve had all different types of productions with Abbott, from comedic spots (see above) to our first celebrity endorsement video this past month. Our […]

Creating Content For Our Partners All Over the US

Hi Everyone! We’ve had an exciting and busy slate of nationwide productions lately. Recent shoots include stops in Oklahoma City, Chicago and Miami. Without further adieu, lets recap. ASL has created a diverse array of content alongside Attention Global for Abbott Laboratories’ Freestyle Libre Diabetes monitoring sensor. Typically, we focus on documenting user success stories and […]

Set Builds, Video Launches and Cyber Security

It’s been a busy fall, so busy in fact, that we’re a little late in sending out this email. Some of the things keeping us occupied include football season with Barstool Sports and filming all over the country for corporate and agency clients with remote video viewing which allows them to watch directly from the comfort of […]


The Task At Hand What do you do if you’re Intel and on the brink of making huge breakthroughs in neuromorhphic and quantum computing? You create video content explaining and promoting these leaps in computing science, thats what. This was the task at hand when McGarryBowen, Intel’s social agency, hired ASL to produce their “Behind […]

Navigating Video Solutions Nationwide

We were recently doing the math and discovered that this summer we had 37 shoot days, filming, editing and producing for 5 different agencies and 20 different clients! Even more impressive, the filming took place in 22 different locations. Our remote video village offering was certainly put to the test and it passed with flying […]


We are back in full swing creating new videos as productions have started to open up across the country. A lot of our clients are preferring to use our remote viewing capabilities to oversee their projects. We are able to provide a live view of our shoots as they happen. Our streamlined approach allows direct communication […]

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