Our Five Favorite Video Production Solutions

Every shoot is different, presenting its own unique set of challenges that require innovative solutions. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve encountered a wide array of hurdles and production puzzles. From sourcing an alligator with just 12 hours’ notice to filming underwater with our Alexa Mini alongside synchronized swimmers, we’ve always found a way to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Take a glimpse below at some of the wildest, most enjoyable, and interesting production issues we’ve tackled and how we’ve overcome them!

1. Sourcing an alligator in half a day

On Season One of Barstool Vs America, the team went to Panama City Beach for their second of 5 cities in 10 days on an epic road trip. This entire shoot was a wild ride from beginning to end.

During Season One of Barstool Vs America, the team embarked on an epic road trip to five cities in 10 days. City number two was Panama City Beach. This shoot was an adventure from start to finish, complete with its own share of surprises.

Barstool Vs America Front page for Barstool Sports with ASL Productions

One of the most memorable challenges was securing an alligator for an on-camera appearance with less than half a day’s notice. With dedicated producers working both on-site and remotely, we quickly located Bubba, a young alligator accustomed to interacting with special needs children. Despite the last-minute nature of the request, Bubba was a natural on set, adding a unique touch to the production.

Thankfully we had dedicated producers running things from home base. Our team took the call and started to reach out. Where do you call first if you’re looking for a 12 ft long creature of the sea? Well thankfully the shoot was in Florida, so that definitely helped. After just a couple of hours of searching around, our dedicated producers found Bubba…a young Gator used to work with special needs children. The PERFECT addition to the team.

We then had to break it to Bubba’s handler that he would be heading out to announce a fried Alligator challenge, but he promised not to mention it to his large scaly friend.

The next part of the mission was that this was going to be a surprise. So our team coordinated with Bubba’s, made sure they had a separate entrance so the Barstool Sports Talent contestants wouldn’t see him, and used our walkies to sound the all clear. From there it was sneaking him into the back room, covering him with a plastic sheet so he could make his debut. How do you think he did?!

2. Filming underwater with an Alexa Mini…and synchronized swimmers!

As part of the Series “Brains Behind the Brains” we did for Intel Labs, we were tasked with conveying some VERY complex subjects in simple, visual ways to the audience. Luckily video production solutions for tough problems are something we pride ourselves in. In one of our favorite pieces in the series, our talented Intel subjects were discussing how Neuromorphic Computing behaves differently then synchronous, or traditional neuroproccesors. We said very complicated…right?

Screen Shot 2024 03 29 at 4.31.06 PM e1711747194466
IMG 3764

To achieve this, we arranged for synchronized swimmers to perform both in unison and asynchronously underwater. This required finding a pool willing to accommodate our technical needs, including the use of a techno crane and blackout capabilities. Additionally, we had to waterproof our Alexa Mini and ensure it functioned flawlessly underwater, which involved specialized equipment and rigorous testing. That’s right, we had to put our Alexa under water.


To do that we went to a specialty house that has underwater rigs for some of the best and most expensive camera rigs. They had to be sealed tight, tested for buoyancy and retested before we were ready to get it wet. We went to the camera enclosure house to get everything dialed in while our team started to blackout the pool.


Check out below how it all turned out!

3. Making a Fleet of Delivery Drones for Olay and Women in STEM

Leveraging our expertise in drone technology, we were well-equipped to create a fleet of drones for Olay’s initiative to celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


Coordinating 40 drone deliveries across five markets in three states, we delivered care packages to teachers promoting STEM education. This initiative not only aligned with Olay’s commitment to supporting women in science but also inspired future generations.

Executing this endeavor required meticulous coordination, especially since many deliveries were meant to be surprises. Through seamless collaboration with Olay and the recipients, we successfully orchestrated a campaign that highlighted the importance of STEM education for women and girls.

4. Creating Unique Visuals: A Look Behind the Scenes

In a series of commercial projects for PSE&G, we were tasked with capturing the same person playing against themselves in the same shot. Over two intense days, we tackled four spots, exploring creative techniques to achieve this effect.

These innovative approaches not only showcased our technical prowess but also highlighted our ability to think outside the box, delivering captivating visuals that enhance storytelling.

1. Comping the same actor to play against him or herself


One method involved having the same actor portray both roles. After performing one side of the scene, they would seamlessly switch to the other character. To ensure perfect timing and visual cohesion, we utilized live composition tools, such as our Tricaster TC1, allowing us to monitor the interaction between the real actor and their pre-recorded counterpart in real time.

2. Using a double with a wig

In another approach, we employed a double to interact with our actress, who was then disguised with a wig. This technique enabled us to capture more dynamic shots, such as over-the-shoulder angles, creating the illusion of two distinct individuals instead of a simple split-screen composition. Commonly seen in television shows and films, this method adds depth and realism to the final footage, enriching the overall narrative.

These innovative approaches not only showcased our technical prowess but also highlighted our ability to think outside the box, delivering captivating visuals that enhance the storytelling experience.

using a body double in a wig to simulate the same person talking to themselves.

3. Using a Twin to Get the Shot

In another creative solution for PSE&G’s commercial projects, we employed identical twins to create the illusion of two distinct individuals interacting seamlessly in the same frame. This approach added a level of authenticity and believability that would have been challenging to achieve otherwise, enriching the visual storytelling.


By utilizing a twin, we achieved a level of authenticity and believability that would have been challenging to replicate with other methods. This approach allowed us to capture complex and dynamic shots, adding depth and richness to the visual storytelling.

Through these and many other challenges, we’ve honed our ability to find creative solutions and deliver outstanding results for our clients. No matter the obstacle, we’re always ready to tackle it head-on and exceed expectations.


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