Over 1 Million Views for Our Intel Video Campaign

Our Partnership with Intel has Generated Over


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In 2020, ASL collaborated with Intel, and agency partner McGarryBowen, on a series of videos centered around Neuromorphic and Quantum computing. Our goal was to create captivating video content explaining what both advanced computing operations were and introducing the people behind the developments of these advancements at Intel.

The videos turned out to be extremely captivating content. So much so that on LinkedIn alone, they have generated over 970,000 views. Combine that with Youtube and Facebook and they have been viewed well over 1 Million times! We helped create one of Intel’s most viewed video series’ and we couldn’t be a prouder partner! Check out the most viewed video on LinkedIn below. 

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1 Million Views Doesn’t Come Without Work!

We produced multiple shoot days in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA to get the best possible coverage for our video campaign. 

  • Sourced multiple locations, including the WTC in Portland and a pool in Los Angeles for the synchronized swimming shots
  • Built custom props including a replica of neuron movement in the human brain
  • Filmed at multiple locations on Intel’s campus in Portland
  • Produced last two videos and edited all videos remotely

Read more about our Intel video series in our case study blog by clicking the button below.

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