Content Partner Skills Experiential Agencies Love

Event companies and experiential agencies run the dynamic world of corporate and brand events and activations. Their content partners play a crucial role in documenting and presenting these exciting productions to the world. From live streaming to creating captivating event promos, these skills are essential for event and experiential agencies looking to make a lasting impression. Let’s dive into the top skills that these experiential and event agencies absolutely love to find in their content partners.

1. Live Streaming anywhere, anytime

Live coverage from stagwell at ces with two women in an interview with stagwell branding behind them live on youtube.

Stagwell Livestream from CES 2023

Live streaming has become a staple in the event industry, offering real-time engagement to a global audience. Content partners who excel in live streaming understand the intricacies of online platforms, ensuring seamless broadcasting of events, conferences, and performances.


Recently we’ve seen a big increase in experiential agencies using live streams as a way to bring more KOL’s to the table. It’s a great way to show people what’s going on while also providing assets and value to your biggest thought leaders.

Some of our favorite recent live streams are broadcasting live from the floor of CES in a custom made content studio for Stagwell and our live streams for Axios from SportBeach in Cannes, France for the Cannes Lions Festival!

2. Stage Content, Event Promos, and Same-Day Edits

Event companies filming panel discussions and content for axios

Axios Event

The ability to create engaging stage content, event promos, and same-day edits is highly valued in the event industry. Content partners with this skill can produce compelling videos that capture the highlights of an event, promote upcoming activities, and create a buzz on social media. Their quick turnaround time ensures that the content is fresh, relevant, and impactful.

NIQ Consumer 360 Event Video. Edited in real time and shown on the 3rd day of the Conference. 

3. Set Design for On-Site Content Studios

Putting custom content studios in the field are a great way to bring key opinion leaders to you and create content.

Creating on-site content studios requires a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise. Content partners who specialize in set design for on-site studios for event companies can transform any space into a professional production environment. From lighting and sound to props and backdrops, they know how to create visually stunning sets that enhance the overall event experience.

A great way to bring in branding for partners and clients while providing great value for partners and KOL in the industry.


4. Podcasting – In Studio Or On Location

Two Shot Full Couch asl studios video podcast room

Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for storytelling and brand promotion. Content partners who can produce high-quality podcasts understand the nuances of audio production and storytelling. They can create compelling content that resonates with audiences, whether it’s an interview with a keynote speaker or a behind-the-scenes look at the event.

5. National and Global Reach

ASL Productions at Cannes Lions Festival

Live from Sport Beach at The Cannes Lions Festival in Cannes, France.

Having a national and global reach is essential for content partners working in the event industry. Companies value partners who can leverage their network to reach a wider audience and expand their brand’s reach. Whether it’s through social media promotion or media partnerships, content partners with a broad reach can help events gain exposure on a larger scale.


6. Lightning-Fast Response Time for Event Companies

In the fast-paced world of events, having a content partner with a lightning-fast response time can make all the difference. Whether it’s making last-minute changes to a video or addressing technical issues during a live stream, partners who can respond quickly and effectively are invaluable. Their ability to troubleshoot and problem-solve under pressure ensures that events run smoothly and without any hiccups. These partners can also get crew for your project or event in less than 24 hours when necessary. Because we all know that sometimes things up last minute!

In conclusion, these skills are highly sought-after by experiential and event companies looking for content partners who can help them create memorable and impactful experiences. By mastering these skills, content partners can position themselves as valuable assets in the ever-evolving world of event production.


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