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The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

It’s not difficult to find a recording studio in NYC. But finding the right space for video, photo, and podcast production can be challenging due to limited size and outdated facilities. It can be tough to find somewhere that can handle all of your needs. It is also critical to know what to look for […]

How to Build The Perfect Studio For Ad Agencies in NYC

Creative Ad Agencies in NYC have a lot of options on where to film. Sometimes this is dictated by production needs like the area they need to film, where the talent is located or a technical need like a drive on lot. Even in those cases though there are choices to be made about which […]

How a State-of-The-Art Studio Control Room Can Help a Production

Today people expect more from their productions. This means that when clients walk in, production studios have to be ready for anything. One thing that can be a great addition to any shoot is a Studio Control Room.   Studio control rooms aren’t only for large TV Productions. More and more they are being employed […]

Pharma Green Screen Shoot In NYC Made Simple

Last week we had one of our favorite clients, a health agency by the new studio for a green screen shoot in NYC. One day of prep and another day of filming for a blue screen shoot in NYC. Boy did they come to the right place! Take a look below to see how we […]


Finding and evaluating corporate video agencies for different cities is increasingly challenging for marketing teams in corporate media production. Marketing teams are using video production companies to simplify their content heavy marketing needs. These companies can handle all video production, including conferences, interviews, livestreams, and photography, regardless of location. They improve communication, provide quicker response […]

How to Find The Perfect Podcast Studio Near Me for Recording

Podcasts are a great way to create content, get pull quotes, express your views and reach out to your creative and professional community to make connections and relationships. But finding the perfect podcast studio rental isn’t always so easy. Not everyone can build a podcasting studio in their home or office. For those who can’t, […]

Influencer Marketing Agency and ASL Studios: Why We Were the Perfect Partner for a Last-Minute Video Podcast in NYC

We recently got a call on a Friday afternoon from a top Influencer Marketing Agency. They needed to film a podcast in NYC the following two days with a video agency. Fast forward 12 hours to Saturday, and we’re rolling not only on a video podcast in a custom lighting setup, but also knocking out […]

Why We Built a State-of-the-Art Production Studio In Midtown NYC

    LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION Time is everything in life and not wasting a second of yours was one of ASL’s top priorities when we created a brand-new production studio just steps from Madison Square Garden and Penn Station in the heart of Midtown NYC. Saving you time all starts with the location and having […]


Hello! I wanted to let you know about our new production office in New York city’s midtown west! In our 15 years in business we have worked on all types of productions creating content for just about every industry.  Though we pride ourselves on how well we manage all of New York’s variables, from getting around […]

Some of Our Recent Work Will Blow You Away!

  At ASL, we pride ourselves on our ability to come to any of our client’s work spaces and create incredible looking content. This was the case recently as we created testimonial videos for our client, Persuit.  Persuit is a law firm engagement platform used by in-house teams to manage risk, increase diversity, reduce costs, and improve law […]

Illuminating Success: The Significance of Lighting in Video Production

Lighting plays a paramount role in video production, enhancing the visual appeal, setting the mood, and captivating audiences. It is an art form in itself, with the power to transform a simple scene into a mesmerizing cinematic experience. ASL Productions, a leading video production company, has recently acquired six ARRI SkyPanel S60 lights, marking a […]

Staying Committed to Our Client’s Vision

HEY FRIENDS, Our team at ASL continues to put out a variety of work while staying committed to our client’s vision and overall mission. Take a look at what we’ve been able to create over the last few weeks. ASL got in the game during the NBA Playoffs in a whole new way assisting Halo Technologies, […]

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