How to Build The Perfect Studio For Ad Agencies in NYC

Creative Ad Agencies in NYC have a lot of options on where to film. Sometimes this is dictated by production needs like the area they need to film, where the talent is located or a technical need like a drive on lot. Even in those cases though there are choices to be made about which space will provide the best content and experience for those involved.

Take a look below at some of the ways to best cater towards the top ad agencies in NYC and how to create an environment where people want to come and create!


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Before we get to things like a clean and inviting environment & great soundproofing, nothing matters if you don’t have the right equipment in your studio and the people to operate it. The industry is moving quickly and top ad agencies in nyc expect a lot of the places they come to film and bring talent and dollars. The ability to live stream for remote viewing and a live key green screen are two things that are needed more often then ever before. It’s important to make sure everything from your audio system, to your TC1 or ATEM switcher is ready for a remote view at a moment’s notice. 

Shooting in NYC is tough on the best of days. That’s why the top ad agencies in NYC and beyond are often looking for a turnkey production experience. Studios that have everything in house from cameras, to G&E, pre-lit cycs and teleprompters mean agency teams can walk in and know everything will be handled for them.


Ad Agencies in NYC

The best content is created when people are relaxed and feel comfortable. A studio not only has to be buttoned up when it comes to all the high tech cameras and cable runs, but also has to make people want to come there to be creative. Things like private spaces or green rooms, crafty, coffee, espresso and outdoor spaces can help guests feel welcome. The best studios are places where people want to stay to have a beer after their shoot, or come for a meeting on an off day.

No matter if it’s a PA, an A-List talent or the CEO of a Fortune 500, everyone deserves to work in a place that fosters good energy, high spirits and creativity.


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The Director usually gets their own monitor. Client will have one as well. But what about everyone else! Most shoots for nyc ad agencies come with a lot of producers, handlers, reps and more! And that’s fantastic. But it’s important that whatever studio you choose has thought about the best ways to make every crew, from 5 person to 50, as comfortable as possible so they can hear, see and give notes on what is going on.

Some of the best ways to do this are through in-house feeds. This means that whatever is being shot in the studios can also be seen and heard by everyone, anywhere in the studio at any time. This means less people on set which everyone loves!

The other great way to go about this is live stream for remote viewing. This can obviously be helpful for those not able to join in person, but also anyone on site or moving between who would like to follow along from wherever they happen to be, inside the studio or out.


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The best way to get agencies in NYC to love coming to your studio is to make it as easy as possible for them. To do this however you need a full assortment of G&E and as much pre-rigged or pre-lit as you can. You’ll also need in-house cameras and monitors, staff or go to freelancers who can get the job done. It also means you need to be ready for post-production, voice over records and catering at a moment’s notice.

There’s usually nowhere to park in NYC and people come in by public transit. No one wants to lug around heavy gear or worry about freight elevators if they don’t have to. That’s why the more a video studio can offer in-house the better!


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Just like making sure you are a turnkey experience and make productions as easy as possible is the ability to be agile and do almost anything. The best studios have prep rooms, green rooms, multiple shooting spaces and don’t have their internal team in their guests space.

From photography to video and our new favorite…the video podcast! All people, but definitely creative agencies in NYC want to be able to come in and do photos in one room, podcasts in another, voice over in the next. The more you can get done in the same space the more efficient you can be, the easier it is to get around and the more time you have to be creative!

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