The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

VIP Greenroom for Talent

Last week we had one of our favorite clients, a health agency by the new studio for a green screen shoot in NYC. One day of prep and another day of filming for a blue screen shoot in NYC. Boy did they come to the right place!

Take a look below to see how we made the process smooth and simple.

Brand New, High End Production Space

ASL Studios in Midtown NYC

One of the things that made this shoot so turnkey was the space itself. Our 7,500 square foot production space, blocks from Times Square and Penn Station is full of light and has all the newest tech. Our clients were able to spread out and do wardrobe from Studio Two, utilize the hair and makeup room for glam, the VIP Greenroom for their clients and the reception area for the rest of their team’s viewing, lunch and crafty.

The Director and Agency Producer found the internal greenroom perfect for them to get out of the space and see exactly what is on the screen at all times.

In-House Feed Throughout the Video Production Space

Green Screen Shoot In NYC

Pharma and Medical Productions like these require a large team to make sure everything is being accounted for. One of the great things we have at ASL Studios is the ability to show live feeds with audio and video to any TV in the studio.

This means from green rooms to client viewing and the reception area above, everyone is able to follow along. We also have a comms system with headsets so people anywhere in the office can view, listen, and provide feedback back to our control room. All without all having to cram in to the studio where space and silence are at a premium.

All without all having to cram in to the studio where space and silence are at a premium.

Live Key and Remote Viewing for Green Screen Shoot

Control Room for Green Screen Shoot In NYC

What’s better than being able to see what’s going on in the studio? What about the ability to do a live comp from a state of the art control room? Using our Tricaster TC1, we can switch cameras, live key the green screen, add graphics and roll in playback clips. The room is also setup with a strong hard wire dedicated internet connection so we can livestream your production or use livestream functionality for remote client viewing.

Pre-Lit, Fully Sound Proof Studio with Blue Screen or Green Screen In NYC

A001C002 240126T3.MXF .10 46 04 05.Still003

We know we know…that’s not green! What started off as a green screen nyc shoot got turned into a blue screen shoot and of course that’s no problem at all. In addition to full length black curtains we also have a second track with green and blue 9′ wide options.

Having lights on a DMX board means we can save looks for our clients, so when they hopefully come back for another shoot soon we’ll be ready with all of their lighting settings saved and ready to go.

Prepping Everything Before They Walk In

Blue Screen Shoot In NYC instead of Green Screen

If that wasn’t enough, because it’s our space with our lights, we’re able to get ready before the rental period even begins. By the time our clients arrived, we were able to get all the lighting in place. Then wer’e only left with the last bits of tweaking, saving time, money and plenty of aggravation.


Our goal is to make the production as simple and easy for our clients as possible. From easy communication to feeling comfortable when you’re at our studio. We had a great time on this shoot and can’t wait to have everyone back again soon!


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