Blackout Lighting Console for Full Lighting Control in Studio & The Field

One of the vastly under rated features of our video production studio is the Blackout Lighting Console. Blackout allows us to control the 15 different light fixtures we use in our 3 wall cyc studio.

IMG 8322 Large



Through the app, we can control, each light individually, raising or dimming its intensity. Additionally, because of the type of lights fixtures we have in the studio, which include 9 Lumiere SL1 mix lights on the Cyc and six Arri Sky-Panel S60’s for talent and backlighting, we are also able to change each light to any color or have them fulfill 17 different types of effects. These color changes and effects can all be programmed, saved and stored via Blackout.


IMG 8318 Large

If you have a repeat production in our studio, once we save your lighting look, every time you come in we can simply select that look and you are right back to where you left off previously. This saves hours of setup time and also insures consistency of your production series.


Recently, we used the Blackout app in the field for the first time. On a short film in Austin, Texas we needed to light and film an actor walking in a park at night. The solution we came up with was rigging 5 lights to a condor including an Aputure 1200 with a spotlight filter. The condor arm allowed us to move the lights to the right or left and up or down as we made our way through the park.

Screen Shot 2024 03 19 at 2.25.07 PM

The blackout app allowed us to alter the intensity of the lights in the sky from the ground, including how wide or thin we spread out the light via the spotlight filter on the Aputure. We were only permitted to film in the park til 10pm, giving us about 3 hours of nighttime to work with and accomplishing our shot list with multiple takes would not have been possible without these innovative solutions.


Here’s some of the lighting setups we have programmed in the app right now. If you’d like to create a unique lighting concept that fits your brand or gives your video a unique and creative look and feel come on down to Studio One and we’ll have some options dialed up for you in minutes which can be re-purposed forever.

Pink studio one at asl Studio One in BlueIMG 8160 D CAM.05 28 03 09.Still020 2 scaled 1 IMG 7881 LargeD CAM.03 47 00 00.Still015 scaled 1 BTS Photography in Studio One of ASL Productions on blue lit 25 foot cyc wall IMG 8327 Large

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