The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

It’s not difficult to find a recording studio in NYC. But finding the right space for video, photo, and podcast production can be challenging due to limited size and outdated facilities. It can be tough to find somewhere that can handle all of your needs. It is also critical to know what to look for to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.
Let’s take a look at ten of the most important factors when  looking for a boutique recording studio in NYC.

1. Cyc Wall Productions

Studio One In ASL Studios.

A white cyc is the backbone to so many productions including fashion shoots, interviews and addresses to camera. A white cyc wall can make a tight space feel like it has infinite space. With advanced lighting and keying technology they also provide a lot of flexibility for your background which can lead to visually stunning and cost effective backgrounds for interviews and photography.
When looking for a white cyc studio you should ask yourself a few questions.
  • How wide of a cyc background do I need?
  • Do I need to hang and light the cyc myself or is there a ceiling grid with lights in place?
  • What are the lights in house?
  • Do they have RGB and effect functionality?
  • And, can those lights be controlled on the ground with a dmx system?

2. Live Stream Equipped Control Room

Control room at ASL Studios


Another question to ask when booking a studio is, “Is there a control room, and is it set up for my specific production need?”

These include communication into the studio from the control room, mixing and recording audio, controlling a teleprompter, providing a line-cut for multi camera shoots and recording backups.

Additionally, can it route what is being filmed in the studios to  other viewing spaces around the production studio space? At ASL STUDIOS we have  5 flat screen tv’s we have conveniently positioned around the office, so you can watch what is happening without crowding the studio.

Lastly, Live streaming has become more valuable today than ever before. Make sure whatever studio you go to has 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) — or 1,000 megabits per second (Mbps). internet speed on a dedicated line in the studio to make sure livestreams have no interruptions. Live streams can be a great way to get your message out to your audience while allowing you real-time interaction. They can also be used in private links as a great way to offer people who can’t make it to set a remote viewing option. See more on that below!

3. Green Screen Studio Productions (Or Blue!)

ASL Productions and ASL Studios blue screen nyc productions and green screen productions


Green screens are an amazing way to get more out of your production for less. With the right lighting and technology in place you can come to a green or blue screen studio and quickly and easily be transported to another world. What makes a green screen shoot even better, is when you can see the keyed in background as you are filming it. The same equipment, the Tricaster TC1 for example, in the right hands is the perfect instrument to do live keys, bring in graphics and allow everyone to know what to expect in the final product.
Green screen studio shoots in NYC are always popular and with the right tools in place, can deliver a high end final product that saves you money and time!

4. Virtual Productions and Sets

Recording Studio in NYC

One such place that green screen studio rentals are going is virtual production. Virtual Production allows you to create full sets, studios, desks and monitors with the same Tricaster Tc1 that we just discussed. With just some good lighting and a studio that can handle it, you can get a full set with a few clicks of a button.

5. Premiere Podcast Studio Rental in NYC

White chairs with purple lighting in background for video podcast at asl studios in nyc

Video podcasts are more popular than ever and finding a turnkey, podcast studio rental in NYC is at the top of a lot of people’s lists. Most studios that you can find in NYC are either large photo studios, video studios or cool podcast studios. Rarely are they all three. So if you can find a midtown video production podcast studio for rent in NYC that will allow for you to expand your productions as necessary then great job!

Make sure whatever video podcast studio rental in NYC you choose has versatility. That way every podcast that comes to us feels unique and true to your brand. We love doing this with customizable lighting, custom backgrounds and options for stands, tables, couches and chairs. The best podcast recording studios in NYC will have all of this and more, so keep an eye out!

6. Teleprompter Reads at a Recording Studio in NYC

Teleprompter at ASL Studios NYC

One of the best tools a production can have is a good teleprompter. From experienced news anchors to first time teleprompter talent, they can be easily used to make you look like a real pro. The best creative studios in NYC should have them on hand for you to get your message out without missing a beat.

7. Photography Shoots

JM 09878

Any High-End recording Studio In NYC should include space to take photos. A 12 ft seamless is helpful, as is a white cyc like we discussed earlier. Make sure you have the lighting in-house, a place for hair and makeup and wardrobe. These photo spaces are great for headshots, product photos, beauty photos and so much more.

8. A Stress Free Production Experience

View From Anywhere at ASL Studios

That comfort leads to a stress free production for everyone from client, to agency, talent and crew. A high-end recording studio in NYC shouldn’t just be a place where people come to film and get out as soon as they can. It should be a space that is inviting, warm, bright and welcoming.

The people working there should be helpful, but know when to stand back and let you get your shoot done. Not every studio in NYC is built to be more than a space to come and rent. If you can find somewhere that caters to a turnkey experience that’s always a great find.

9. The Perfect Place to Bring High Profile Talent and Clients

green room image

Part of that warm and inviting space is what makes it the perfect place for entertaining guests and bringing talent. It doesn’t matter if that talent is an A-List celebrity who has done over 500 interviews in their career, or a novice corporate employee doing his or her first testimonial. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and have a place they can feel at ease while having to be on camera.

The best places to film and create will have green rooms, private space, in-house feeds so everyone can stay up to date without being on top of one anther, and hair, makeup and wardrobe rooms with plenty of light. Make sure your recording studio in NYC is comfortable for everyone no matter the production.

10. Ultimate Convenience in NYC

footer map

Nothing is more valuable than convenience in NYC. It’s one thing to find the perfect creative studio for your content project, commercial or live stream, but if it’s too far out of the way then it won’t ever work. Everything starts and ends with convenience and price. There are so many great studios in Midtown in NYC by Penn Station and Times Square. Make sure you find a place that everyone can get to easily and leaves more room for filming, instead of getting to set!

Learn more about the ASL Studios Video, Photo & Podcast Recording Studio in NYC

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