Our Five Favorite Video Testimonial Shoots

Video Testimonials more than ever play critical role in content for brands, businesses and products in 2024. This isn’t surprising considering how much people use them to help make decisions on purchasing.

“9 out of 10 people say they trust what a customer says about a business more than what that business says about itself.” (Wyzowl)

So much of the video work we do at ASL Productions is built around testimonials and interviews with clients, celebrities, employees and experts in various fields. When done correctly, an authentic interview or testimonial video can give a brand an authentic voice that connects with its audience.

Below are five of our favorite testimonial projects that we’ve had the pleasure of working on in the last few years. In each of these projects we created an environment where the interviewees would feel comfortable and prepared while making sure that the clients objectives were being met.


1. “A Look at Life Uninterrupted with Austin James”

For Abbott Pharmaceuticals

In this video, we follow Austin James, a talented musician who switched to Abbott’s Freestyle Libre to monitor his diabetes. With the product’s key differentiators and benefits, he no longer has to prick his fingers, which is essential for him as a guitar player.

We filmed with Austin and his band in a barn that we set decorated, and at his home with his daughter as they enjoyed each other’s company and cooked a healthy, low-glucose meal together. Our favorite healthcare video production projects always have food involved!

This video was originally created for promotional purposes across social platforms, but it was so successful that it was picked up for commercial use and aired for over two years on network television. Check out more examples from this series below to see how Freestyle Libre is changing the game for people living with diabetes!


While this ad was made for promotional purposes across social platforms, it performed so well that it was picked up for commercial use and aired for over two years on CNN and other networks.

2. “Breaking Down Barriers” 

For Aspen Dental



Giving back to our veterans is so important considering the sacrifices they have made for us. Aspen Dental recognizes that sacrifice and in their “Breaking Down Barriers” video series, ASL helps highlight the impact of free dental work for our armed forces veterans.

The series showcases the life-changing work that Aspen Dental does and the effect it has on the mental health and outlook of these heroes. It’s a great example of how focusing on the people who are most affected by your work can be a powerful way to tell your story. Check out the full series to see how good deeds and actions can make a difference in people’s lives.

3. “GE Healthcare Testimonial”

For Checkout.com


Our testimonial shoot for Checkout.com took us to the UK. Thankfully we’ve shot there many times and have a great crew on the ground! We were able to get this GE Testimonial for them, with B-Roll and interviews of five GE employees in just a day. Then we sent the footage across the pond for an edit!
This is one of the most traditional testimonial projects on the list where you have a client of yours, in this case another business people are familiar with, talking about the value of Checkout.com. This checks a lot of boxes in the testimonial category and has been a great success for them wherever they placed it!

4. “AI Is Ageless”

For Intel Labs



We’ve been working with Intel on testimonials and interview driven projects for a long time. This is part of a larger series we did for Intel Labs where we spoke to people in their educational sector that hit a lot of different demos. We filmed these in New Mexico at their campus there and were blown away by all the amazing resources, tech and educational platforms they had.


These videos are a companion to larger series we have done for Intel Labs called “Brains Behind the Brains”, where we broke down complicated subjects and used visual storytelling to make the information easier to get across. Take a look at some bonus content below!



5. “Internship Recruiting”

We had the pleasure of working with RSM, a long-term client, to create a series of recruiting videos featuring their most recent intern class. These videos offer a unique perspective into the company’s culture, experience, and value.

Testimonials from interns provide credibility and allow potential future employees to connect deeply with the content. Recruiting videos are an excellent resource for showcasing the benefits of joining a company. #recruiting #videos #testimonial #interns #companyculture


See below for another recruiting video we did for Billtrust!


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