How To Make Consistent Healthcare Testimonials Across The Country

Healthcare testimonials and video productions can be complex and require extensive experience to ensure success. Legal issues, brand elements, and product clearance must all be taken into account, making it a challenge for healthcare agencies to produce consistent, high-quality content while keeping costs down.

Filmed In Miami

The best solution? Hiring an experienced healthcare video production agency. With a track record in medical, pharma, and healthcare, these companies know how to navigate the complexities of these productions and create the best possible content. They work with large teams from agencies and brands, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone involved.

The more projects you do together the faster you can move, the more efficient you can be and the better your short hand gets. By using a national video service provider to take care of the nitty gritty production needs, you are allowing them to doll out information in an effective and consistent way.

GE Healthcare Testimonial for subject sitting in interview in front of window for corporate video production



The best and safest way to ensure that all of your legal, production and creative needs are met is to hire a Healthcare Testimonial video production agency that has experience working with similar brands and agencies in your field. They will know where the problems are and will be able to address them before they become problematic.

Healthcare Testimonial Video Production

There are a lot of moving pieces on these productions, whether they be large or small, for social or broadcast. Experienced production companies with a track record in medical, pharma and healthcare are used to working with large teams from agencies and brands and know how to navigate these waters to create a comfortable experience for everyone and the best possible content.



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Pre-Pro Look for healthcare testimonial creative on Poli Van Dam Shoot. Images of microphones, yellow highlights and grunge warehouse looks.

Creative Pitch for Look and Feel of Poli Van Dam Testimonial

The only way to create consistent content no matter where you are or what crew you are bringing in is to plan. The best video marketing agencies know how to work with clients to find out their goals, get approvals on ideas and looks ahead of time and get that information to the crew on the ground to make sure nothing gets missed. From shot lists to art boards and storyboarding, video production is more than just the shoot day.

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Digital healthcare testimonial agencies creating testimonials for social promotion and even broadcast commercials know that by the time you get to the shoot there should be almost no surprises. The big decisions have already been made and now it’s about bringing those decisions to life.


A great video marketing agency servicing healthcare creative agencies will have experienced Directors, DP’s, Art and Wardrobe and more in every major market. When a shoot comes up fast the last thing that a healthcare producer wants to do is find each crew remember in a smaller market or rely on a production company they will only use once to find the crew for them. That’s a lot of trust. The easier move is often to find one production company, ideally one that specializes s in your field, and rely on their already established network of tried and true crew around the nation and the world.

That’s a lot of trust. The easier move is often to find one production company, ideally one that specializes s in your field, and rely on their already established network of tried and true crew around the nation and the world.

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One great way to get everyone involved and make room for creative oversight while keeping budgets down is remote viewing. From the set to the field or in an office, a strong video marketing agency can ensure that everyone will be able to watch and listen in real time no matter where they are. This can be done in a zoom, a live stream over vimeo, youtube or facebook. It means that with a simple link, anyone who isn’t near a monitor will be able to weigh in in real time as though they were in the next room.


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