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Towards the end of last month, ASL accomplished a feat they said couldn’t be done. We were on location and provided video production crews for five shoots, in five different cities, all in one day. You heard (read) us correctly. We had two shoots with Barstool Sports in DC and New York, one shoot with William […]

ASL’s Guide to Internal Social Media Content

Over the past few months, the ASL team has been on a mission to step up our social media content marketing presence. To do this, we’ve been creating a series of short social media videos to highlight our best content by category, as well as highlight the projects we are most proud of. If you […]

ASL Provides Corporate Video Production Support All Over the Mid-Atlantic

One of the hallmarks of ASL Productions is our ability to provide nationwide video production support.  So far in 2018, our production reach has been utilized time and time again, as we have been called on to provide crews and operators in cities, such as, Los Angeles, Orlando and Las Vegas, to name a few. […]

It’s Summer Time, Sit Back and Read This!

    Hey Friends, It’s the email you’ve all been waiting for, our monthly recap!     One of our hallmarks at ASL is our nationwide reach, and ability to provide crews and take on shoots all over the country and internationally. In May, ASL teamed up with Aspen Dental on a production in Augusta, Georgia. We […]

April Productions Brings May Content

  April has flown by but we don’t want to see it in our rear view without taking you on our video production journey for the month. Lets strap on our production boots and get to it. ASL headed to the Rust Belt to partner with Aspen Dental in Steubenville, Ohio. We filmed a heart […]

ASL’s Recent Corporate Video Interview Trip to Raleigh

  The ASL video crew recently headed down to Raleigh NC to film man-on-the-street corporate video interviews.     Our production crew spent the day before the shoot scouting locations to find the best possible places to film. We searched for locations that had our desired aesthetic, had a variety of looks to film within […]

How to Use Professional Videos to Highlight Company Culture

Using Professional Videos to Highlight Company Culture     It can be tricky to make certain industries seem exciting and engaging for new prospective employees, but one of the best methods to attract new talent and get them engaged is to create high-quality company culture videos that highlight all of the benefits of working with […]

Why You Need Professional Pharmaceutical Video Production

Why Do I Need Professional Pharmaceutical Video Production?       Pharmaceutical companies are among the many businesses that can benefit from professional video production in many ways. Unlike other types of media, video offers the ability to showcase the latest developments and technologies using an effective visual presentation.   Reach Audiences More Effectively For […]

What are Some Basic Video Tips for Creating an Authentic Case Study?

According to a study conducted by Kleiner Perkins Caufield, online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic, and case studies are no exception. Video case studies can be highly beneficial to your company, serving as authentic recommendations for other potential clients while further promoting your brand through social media and other outlets. Customers themselves […]

How to Build a Brand with Animated Videos

These days it isn’t just about pushing your brand to build overall awareness for your business. Instead, its about making a connection with your audience so your brand stands out as an entity with its own personality. Online marketing capabilities have made it easier than ever for businesses to hold their own among competitors, but […]

How We Write Creative Corporate Video Scripts

When producing corporate videos, it’s a good idea to have a script in place to improve the structure of the narrative. While video testimonials, event shoots, and certain other types of videos may be exceptions, most corporate videos will benefit from a script. Start with a Video Brief Prior to writing a video script, we typically […]

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop @ ASL

ASL Productions took a trip over the Brooklyn Bridge to cover the Independent Lodging Congress. We had a crew of six people capturing interviews and highlights from the hospitality conference at The William Vale in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The two-day event was filled with anecdotes and tips from some of the independent hospitality sector’s most successful […]

The Use of Testimonials and Case Studies in Corporate Videos

In the world of corporate videos, credibility and trust are paramount. One of the most effective ways to establish these qualities is through the use of testimonials and case studies. These powerful tools allow companies to showcase real-life experiences and success stories, providing potential clients with valuable insights into their products or services. In this […]

Immersive Video Technologies as Marketing Applications

The development of virtual reality technology in the past few years, and of 360-degree video in general, has led to a largely untapped new medium for businesses to promote their products and brands. While some believe this is just a passing fad, virtual reality and the like now have greater potential to become mainstream due […]

Why Businesses Need Professional Video Production Services

Professionally produced videos are differentiated by their high quality and effectiveness. Here, we explore some of the elements that contribute to professional-quality video content. At ASL Productions, our service is differentiated by our adaptability, resourcefulness and personal touch. Prioritizing these qualities ensures that we exceed our partners’ expectations at every level. When you outsource video […]

How and Why We Use Green Screens

Utilizing green screen production techniques, whether in a traditional or live production setting, provides a lot of flexibility in post-production.   Why use a Green? The beauty of using a green screen is that you can animate the background behind your subject with movement and effects too costly to do produce live on set. Green […]

How Much it Costs to Outsource Video Production

Like most creative services, the range of cost for video production can vary, depending on a multitude of factors. Unfortunately, there is no straight answer regarding how much you’ll spend on professional video production. Why hire a professional video production crew? Anyone can film a video on their phone, right? Well, not all video content […]

On the Road Again!

ASL has been touring…. ASL has been touring the country lately for a host of exciting video projects. Here’s a look at the highlights. For RSM, a national audit, tax and consulting company, we traveled to three different cities – Houston, New Orleans and Las Vegas. As part of RSM’s ongoing diversity initiative, they sponsored […]

Human Resources: The Other Marketing Department

In light of recent events at Google, which made headlines after letting go of an employee who openly challenged hiring practices, as well as Deloitte’s elimination of its employee affinity groups for women and minorities this summer, we would like to highlight how one of our clients’ ongoing commitment to cultural diversity has benefited their […]

How To Conduct Video Interviews

Conducting an engaging video interview that captures the attention of your audience takes more than simply asking a series of yes and no questions. Learn details that lead to conducting an interview that stands out as genuine and memorable. Get Comfortable Everyone should get comfortable before the camera starts rolling. To loosen up, we often […]

As the Summer Sets…

HEY FRIENDS, While most of NYC enjoys summer Fridays at the beach, our partners have kept us sharp all season, and on a short leash! Here are some projects we wouldn’t break for. ASL collaborated with Fuji Electric on a promotional video for their North American branch. We were challenged with producing a short-form piece […]

ASL Productions Livestreams Boxing Matches for Rockin’ Fights 27

With the rise of livestreaming in recent years, businesses have gained a new opportunity to use a powerful medium to grow their brand and connect with their audience in an innovative way. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which are constantly showing livestreams, provide businesses and consumers with great accessibility to one another, and the […]

Resourcefulness- the Secret Sauce to a Great Video Production Company

One of our hallmarks at ASL Productions, and what has given us the ability to rank among the best production companies in NJ, Fl, and NY, is our resourcefulness. While we produce the majority of our work using the same in-house production crew, we attribute much of our success in servicing larger clients to having […]

ASL, Better Call Saul, and the Age of Visual Storytelling

No matter the medium, the most important rule of storytelling is, “show don’t tell.” Writers want to captivate their audience through action, senses, and feelings, not hit them over the head with meaning. For this reason, visual storytelling is so important. An image can and should convey just as much power and meaning as a […]

Summer is Finally Here, Along with Amazing Video Content

Hey friends, We’re excited to share some of our recent projects, so let’s get to it! ASL traveled to the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama to collaborate with Aspen Dental, and racers Danica Patrick and Clint Bowyer, for a comedic social media spot in which Bowyer pushes to become Patrick’s tooth fairy. Both Patrick’s and Bowyer’s comedic […]

How New York City provides Top Video Production Talent

When people imagine film or video production, most of the time they think of Los Angeles, California. Now, although that may be the most iconic kingdom of screen production, it is not the only one in the country. New York City has always been home to a vast array of special talent, including no shortage […]

The Power of a Promo Video for your Business

The key to making a good company promotional video is to portray it as both believable and appealing. Whether you are going for a humorous or serious portrayal of your service, our creative team at ASL will build an ideal promo video that showcases the unique qualities of your service and brand. To help show […]

Love and Loss: Our C300 Mark II Story

Nothing is better than when you get a brand new toy to add to your production package. Especially when that toy is a Canon C300 mark II and will immediately contribute to the overall production value of your team. The feeling you get opening and exploring all of the camera features is like being a […]

Video Production Editing: Shaping Senses

Both Film and Video production are often linked to magic tricks. In essence it is a trick; audiences believe that images are moving when they really are not. The images are just being played at 24 frames per second. However, video is so much more than just a trick. Besides special effects, video editing creates a mental level […]

Outside the Box: Film Production on a Small Budget

https://www.aslproductions.com/portfolio-item/vocativ-nyfw-2016-how-to-spot-a-counterfeit/   Whether you are a first time filmmaker, or a seasoned video veteran, one thing you are always concerned about is staying under budget. Here at ASL, we recognize the importance of our teams’ productivity. And one of the many things we’ve discovered over the years is how money constraints can actually be blessings […]

ASL Production’s MMA Interview, Collaboration with Barstool Sports and More

Check out our piece from Inside MMA on AXS TV with Luke Rockhold Hi ASL Friends, One of the highlights of our September was interviewing MMA fighter and former UFC Champion, Luke Rockhold. Check out the interview by clicking the picture above. ASL has started an ongoing collaboration with Barstool Sports. The outspoken sports brand is known for […]

RRFC INTERVIEW: Film Connection Mentor Adam Lebenstein on real-world experience, proactivity and responsibility

Film Connection mentor Adam Lebenstein is an industry veteran with a common-sense approach to training students for careers in film and video work. From a background in sports television, Adam founded ASL Productions in New York City in 2007. In the years since, ASL has grown into a thriving production company with a national clientele […]

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