The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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Check out our piece from Inside MMA on AXS TV with Luke Rockhold

Hi ASL Friends,

One of the highlights of our September was interviewing MMA fighter and former UFC Champion, Luke Rockhold. Check out the interview by clicking the picture above.

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ASL has started an ongoing collaboration with Barstool Sports. The outspoken sports brand is known for being the voice of the common man. ASL is helping expand their video footprint.

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Another new client is Anderson Foods International. We went to their headquarters and a variety of outlets that use and sell their kosher cheeses. If anyone is looking for some high quality truffle goat cheese, hit us up, as our fridge is now fully stocked.

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When the Colgate Global Tech Summit comes calling, you not only answer, you soak up every bit of information you can learn. This summit focused on technology in the home and we learned that advancements are coming fast and furiously.

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