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Our Week In Review Video Marketing 11/16/15 – 11/20/15

The week before Thanksgiving is usually a busy week in corporate video production. A lot of companies want to squeeze in their fourth quarter video marketing projects before the end of the year. ASL Productions’ week followed that trend. We stayed moving with three shoots on location and our post-production team busy in the office. There was a lot of travel, gear set up, and projects in the works. Here is a look back at ASL Productions’ week from November 16th through November 20th.

ASL Productions Had a Scary Successful October

October was an Amazin’ month as the Mets won the pennant, and ASL Productions had huge shoots, all over the east coast. It started with a bang, well, more of a strain actually as ASL filmed video productions at three locations for Performance Sports and Spine Medicine, an orthopedic rehabilitation facility that focuses on non-surgical […]

The Exponential March of Online Video Viewing

The trend of frequent changes has become the norm in our rapidly updating world. This applies most aptly to internet developments, which have been taking the world by storm, particularly since the advent of video sharing and streaming sites. What was touted as the new normal, as far as, how we receive information and internet content has suddenly catapulted to oblivion since another innovation with better features is knocking at the door to replace our way of consuming information.

ASL Productions is Continuing our Successful Year

We are excited to see what the cold weather brings! Check out our Cigna and Citizens Bank video launching their MyHealth App partnership As the weather is starting to cool down, ASL Productions is heating up. Here are some of the highlights from September. Hand and Stone lobby at a Philadelphia location, filmed by ASL. […]

Interview with Adam Lebenstein About Travel and On-Location Shoots

Tell me about the shoot you had this week in Seattle? Had a great shoot this week for Intellisphere. This is the fourth time this year I have flown to the west coast to film and oversee a green screen doctor interview. Previous stops were in Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City Utah, Houston Texas and […]

Content is King When it Comes to Video Production and Television Content

With Apple announcing that they are entering the sphere of original, streaming content, there are a lot of parallels we can draw to the video marketing arena. With television content moving to streaming and cable packages, the winners will be the companies with the best content. There are a lot of options for your video marketing needs. Plenty of companies can offer their marketing services for your video campaigns. In, what can seem like, an endless amount of companies who are vying for your video business, there has to be research of content before deciding which video production company to hire. ASL Productions is in a rare sphere. ASL has the video marketing content and expertise to create any video marketing campaign. When you are researching which company to trust to create your video marketing campaign, similar to which networks you choose to watch, content is king.

Why A Strong “Call-To-Action” Is A Must For Your Video Marketing Campaigns

Video campaigns for marketing are becoming the norm with all businesses executing strategic campaigns utilizing video. Larger corporations that have them tend to outsource their video marketing to help boost their products’ image and sales while individual and small firms mostly run their own campaigns. Video marketing provides a fast and powerful way for businesses and organizations to reach their audience and showcase their products.

ASL is Ending Our Summer on a High Note

Hi ASL Friends,
We are working on an animated video for our client, AVNet. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help accelerate the AVNet brand. Here is a sneak peak snap shot of the video.We have been continuing the positive momentum of our summer with a very busy August. ASL started the month strong with our shoot at the campus of Sparta Systems. We visited their office space and interviewed their staff to create a corporate recruiting video. Watch the finished video by clicking the thumbnail above. The day after our shoot with Sparta Systems, Adam flew to Utah to interview doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for OncLive, an online network for everything oncology.

Why Video Marketing is a Necessity for Your Marketing Strategy

Have you been thinking about how you can make your business grow faster? You’ve run out of fresh ideas on what works in the current technological age. You have done online advertising, social media advertising, even offline advertising, but here is the question; have you tried using videos to promote your marketing strategy?

What Makes a Viral Video?

What makes a viral video? This is the question that plagues content marketers, CMOs, ad agencies, and YouTube aficionados across the world. And the answer isn’t simple, for it’s not the producer that determines whether a video goes viral. It’s the public.

Intellisphere Live Stream Case Study

On Thursday August 13th, we produced a green screen, live-keyed streaming event for our client, Intellisphere’s Pharmacy Times publication. Intellisphere disseminates relevant content on healthcare technology and clinical research.

Corporate Recruitment Videos: From Vapid to Vibrant

Corporate recruitment videos are like the redheaded stepchild of the video industry. Every corporate CMO dreams of the sleek and savvy promo that will make Ad Age’s Best of the Year. But when it comes to drawing in employees rather than customers, their hearts sink and take all their creativity and innovation with them.

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