The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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In trying to gain new, experienced employees for your company, sometimes you have to get creative.  Recruitment videos serve many purposes, such as educating your audience on your company, inspiring action, and clarifying your mission.  They acclimate potential employees with your company and make the prospect of working with you seem not only attainable, but enjoyable.  So what goes into a successful corporate recruiting video?  Let’s find out.

Showcasing a Positive Work Environment

Your working environment essentially dictates the quality of life of your employees.  Though a positive working environment can be achieved in many ways, it is absolutely essential that a recruitment video makes clear just how pleasant it is to work for your company.  Some companies really go above and beyond with the amenities that they afford their employees, such as Google and Facebook, but they have a lot of money that they’re able to spend on employee satisfaction.  You don’t have to show craft beer on tap and a slide in the middle of the office in your video in order to attract future employees.  Merely incorporating scenes of a positive atmosphere and happy workers will give prospective employees the reassurance that they need that your office is one that they want to work in.

Clear Explanation of Duties

Unfortunately, you cannot trick someone into working for you.  Pretending like their job is going to be easy or relaxing or anything that it isn’t is just going to lead to an awkward and angry discussion down the line, so keeping your recruitment video honest, especially in terms of the work that’s expected from your employees, is key to beginning a good working relationship.  Clearly explaining the duties of the job to your prospective employee doesn’t have to be boring or negative, as you can frame it in the way that you want to.  You can highlight all of the skills that they will gain from working at your company as well as all of the cool parts of the job while still being honest about the mundane and not-so-cool parts that come with it.

Demonstrating Expectations

A corporate video is how you bring your company to life, and how future employees can get a real sense of what it would be like to work for you.  The tone that you choose for your video ends up being the tone that they associate with your company, and thus what they expect when they come to work for you.  A law office is unlikely to have a comedic recruitment video because it would send the wrong message about what working there would be like, just like how a recruitment video for arcade workers wouldn’t have a particularly stern or serious tone.  You can use your recruitment video to demonstrate to future employees the general social guidelines that they would be expected to follow if they choose to work for you.

Recruitment videos are informative, utilitarian, and above all, a fun and creative way to display what kind of company you are and why you’re worth working for.  For more information on producing a corporate recruitment video for your company, contact ASL Productions.


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