The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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Your corporate video requires many different elements in order to be successful in sending the messages that you want it to.  You may be trying to be informative, relatable, or perhaps just entertaining, but no matter what you’re going for, your video must always catch and keep hold of a viewer’s attention.  There are many ways to do this, but generally it’s a good idea to attempt to tell a story.  That can be done as overtly or as covertly as you’d like, but providing viewers with material that they can logically follow and gain some sort of takeaway from tends to keep interest piqued.  Below, we want to highlight why telling a story in your corporate video is a great way to win over customers, and how exactly you can do that.

Opportunity for Explanation

All stories must have a subject, and in making a corporate video, it makes sense that your business or a prominent product or service you offer would be the subject of your video.  A video that is so keenly focused on who you are and what you do affords you an opportunity in getting an audience familiar and comfortable with you company.  Incorporating elements of your company in a video really serves to bring it to life.

Interest in Resolution

Stories are gripping because they have an arc.  There is opportunity for change and surprise, and at the end you typically hope for everything to be resolved.  While it may be simple to grab a viewer’s attention initially, corporate videos can get very boring very quickly, leading people to turn them off after the opening sequence.  By presenting your audience with a story to get attached to, they’ll be more likely to watch the entire thing for the satisfaction of an ending.  Captivating a devoted audience for any length of time is a powerful skill that is difficult to master, but it can be extremely beneficial for raising product awareness.

Clear Message

Anything that your company does builds brand identity.  Everything that you do is perceived by the public and adds to their idea of who you are and what you’re about.  That’s why it’s so important for you to have a clear idea of how you want to present yourself as a company and what your main mission is.  You’d be shocked at the number of companies that aren’t even really sure what their mission is, or don’t know exactly how they want their customers to feel when they see their product.  A video is a powerful piece of media, and will send a very strong message about the character of your business regardless of the content of the video.  Making sure that the message being sent is clear and correct is key to producing something that is both enjoyable to watch and an addition to your success.

It can be difficult to keep people interested in corporate videos, especially when they may tend to feel like extended advertisements.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Building a story will lead you to producing a video that is quality, captivating, and professional.  To start building your story, contact ASL Productions today.


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