Why Video Marketing is a Necessity for Your Marketing Strategy

Have you been thinking about how you can make your business grow faster? You’ve run out of fresh ideas on what works in the current technological age. You have done online advertising, social media advertising, even offline advertising, but here is the question; have you tried using videos to promote your marketing strategy?

Video advertising has seen a significant rise in popularity in recent years; no wonder the two advertising giants, Google and Facebook, wasted no time incorporating them as a form of advertising for businesses. It is the fastest online advertising format. The growth rate of video marketing has exceeded 60% in the last 4 years and it is still growing. As the Internet is becoming more accessible, and more platforms exist for marketing as an alternative for clients, it is now a battle of who is able to provide appealing content to potential customers.

Video marketing is enjoying huge acceptance in all forms of advertising. Successful Internet marketers have their own YouTube channel, agencies are using videos for their commercials and reaching greater audiences, this goes a long way to show that it works well.

Cisco has estimated that consumer video traffic will surpass 80% by the year 2019. They also speculate that mobile device users favor video to any other form of content, which includes texts and infographics. Also; a report from Statisa shows that over 200 million American watch online video content. This is because videos are easier to understand, it shows a demonstration, the audience doesn’t have to read pages of text trying to understand your topic, it gets directly to the point and saves your potential customer the headache of reading lengthy text on their computer.

Marketing videos for your business can range from a brief 6 seconds video on Vine to an in-depth explainer video and presentation that can last substantially longer, like videos seen on TED-style talks.

Videos can help your business in various ways; below we highlight seven reasons why video marketing is a necessity for every business marketing campaign:

1. It Shows Demonstration

Research shows that people are more likely to react to an ad or offer with a live demonstration, this is one area where text ads lack. With videos, you will have a platform to show your audience how things can be done, you can drive your point home with real examples, people trust samples in video more than they trust what they read in texts.


2. Drives More Traffic To Your Business

A video has the ability to drive traffic to your business, there are lots of videos on YouTube that have gone viral, many businesses are getting people to notice their business using this formula, one video can have more than a million views in space of a month.

3. Get Attention

A business can use a good in-depth explainer video or presentation to promote their brand, this is where videos have the edge over other forms of advertising, which uses pictures, animations and all sort of fonts on their webpage to explain their brand but they end up confusing their potential customer and even slow down their webpage loading time.

Take your ideas and make it into a video, with an interesting introduction, it will grab your audiences attention and keep your website looking clean.


4. High Rate of Retention

Research by Wharton Research Center shows that the average person retains only 10% of what they hear, and 50% of what they see. You want people to be able to remember your brand and video when they are thinking of a business solution. You can achieve this through a thought out video marketing campaign.

5. People Love “How-To” Videos

People like watching a video that teaches them something that they have to learn. The more “how-to” videos you have on your site or your video channel, the more followers and fans you will get. For each of your products, have a video where you teach potential clients how it works and show them samples, it is a good way to increase the conversion rate and drive traffic.


6. Videos Show Your Personality and Builds Trust

Online business is a platform where there is little contact and lack of trust, putting a face to business’s name helps you showcase your personality and makes the customer gain a sense of trust in your brand.

7. Increase Your Conversion Rate

If people have some sense of trust in your business, they will turn into repeat customers. 80% of people are more likely to purchase your product after seeing a good, detailed explainer video. This is because all the hassles of text and infographics have been removed; your potential customer can see a demonstration, a sample, a live presentation and a face to associate with your business.

Videos help you liven up your sales pitch, a well produced video, like one done by ASL Productions, with a solid script and highly engaging visuals can grab the attention of your audience and turn them into customers.

Videos can help you create awareness and boost sales, gain popularity for your business and drive more traffic to your site, creating videos is not as difficult as you may think, in today’s world where competition in business is becoming more fierce every day, A good video can give your business an edge over your competitors.

The more videos you make, the better your message comes across. Making videos will encourage those interested in your business to continuously check your channels. The more content you post, the more views, likes and potential customers you will get. YouTube is the most visited video site in the world; why not take advantage of it to give your business an edge.

Consider a video marketing campaign if you want to grow your business and drive traffic to your website. Videos have the ability to increase your conversion rate 220%. Why not use ASL Productions to make your business better. Video marketing campaigns are vital for your business to grow in today’s business environment, the better your video marketing plan, the more your business will flourish.

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