The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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Video campaigns for marketing are becoming the norm with all businesses executing strategic campaigns utilizing video. Larger corporations that have them tend to outsource their video marketing to help boost their products’ image and sales while individual and small firms mostly run their own campaigns. Video marketing provides a fast and powerful way for businesses and organizations to reach their audience and showcase their products.

You have a professionally produced video. You hired a company to create a concept, shoot, and edit your vision. Now, you post it online and wait for the business to start rolling in—but your sales don’t increase, business hasn’t picked up, and you are left wondering why you spent all of that time and money creating your video campaign. You’re not seeing the boost you were looking for. Is there a clear call to action throughout your video? That might be the one aspect you are missing.

Your call to action is the key to increasing your sales and can lift consumer response by 200%. Consumers like to be provided direction and a call-to-action can be used throughout your content to tell your viewer or site visitor that it is now time for them to take action. Not only does a strong call-to-action inform an audience on what to do, studies have shown that it also can compel viewers to act.

A good call-to-action needs to be strong, persuasive and should appear at least 2 to 3 times in the body of your content. Call-to-actions can come in the form of a free product showcased in your video or as a discount informing your viewers to grab the offer before a selected period is over. It’s in our nature to seek out things for free or get them at a discounted rate.

No matter what kind of organization or business you operate, a clear call to action in your corporate video marketing campaign will help you convert more sales by getting people to take action.

How can a strong call-to-action help your organization?

Non-Profit Organization

As an NGO or a non-profit organization, using an effective call to action in your video will get people to take that action described in supporting your organization. Most NGOs usually seek donations for support of the organization. How can you get people to donate? — Make a quality video which clearly shares the cause you’re fighting for, it can be eradication of hunger in Africa or terrorism in Middle East, make sure your video appeals to emotion and put “Donate Now” or “Save A Child Today By Making A Donation.” That is what’s known as a clear call to action. It‘s providing direction on a next step after viewing your content.

Commercial Organization

As a corporate entity, you aim to build sales and/or attract people to visit your website and business. A clear way to influence your audience to take these steps is by using a strong persuasive call to action in your video marketing campaign. Do you have a product you need to sell? —- Increase sales by giving a discount on your product and placing that within your video as your call to action. Explain the benefit of your product, why people should buy it, and then offer to give it out at a limited time discount. This offer should come 2 to 4 times on your video, at least once in the beginning and the end. If you are making a commercial for your marketing campaign, keep the length reasonable. Ideally video length should be a 2-minute maximum.

Content Owners

Do you know you can drive massive traffic to your website or blog using a well planned corporate video marketing campaign? There are people looking for free training, eBooks, software, and tips. Giving a free offer through your video campaign, specific to your website, can be a useful tool to drive increased traffic to your website in a very short time.

For all of your video campaigns, use a strong, effective, clear, and concise call to action so your viewers will know what their next steps should be after watching your video. A good video marketing campaign is only as strong as its call to action. Two ways to use a call to action in your video campaign is using audio or text. Response to audio or video varies by consumer therefore; incorporating both of them in one video is most effective.

Remember that your call to action is a set of actions rather than just one. You can give out a free eBook from your video that then leads to further actions. You can also have a training video that contains free offers for more training videos at the end. Always test different types of call to actions to know which one converts most successfully for your business.


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