The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

VIP Greenroom for Talent

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I wanted to let you know about our new production office in New York city’s midtown west! In our 15 years in business we have worked on all types of productions creating content for just about every industry.  Though we pride ourselves on how well we manage all of New York’s variables, from getting around Manhattan to having building entrance insurance squared away, we always believed there was an easier way.  Well now, we have created one for ourselves and all our clients!


We took our learnings from filming countless executive interviews, livestreams and commercials and put them all top of mind when creating our new space.  Lighting is probably the biggest pain to move around the city and into your production, so we built a ceiling rig and installed 15 DMX-controlled lights that cover the entire space including talent and background.  The ceiling lights include 6 Arri Skypanel S60s which can be programmed individually, change any color, and have 17 different effect settings.  And all of the lights can programmed or altered via this app we have built into the studio –

Our control room features a built-in audio system which can communicate into the studio via IFB or through studio speakers and includes a 16 channel digital audio board.  We have a 4K Tricaster TC1 which can switch, record and livestream multi-camera productions.  We also have an SSD recorder so you can walk away with your footage on an SSD drive as soon as the production wraps.


Additionally, there’s a photography studio with 9 foot and 12 foot seamless rolls built into the wall and easily pulled into your backdrop.  This sound proof space is also perfect as a staging room for talent, client or for storing set pieces.   We also have a multi-use space for podcast recordings or as a client viewing audio and color finishing room.
Lastly, we put a lot of thought into the client experience. The space is wired so clients can view what is being filmed in the studio from our VIP green room which includes a private outdoor terrace entrance.  There are also dedicated hair, makeup and wardrobe spaces.   In addition to the lighting mentioned above we have 9 cameras including Sony, Canon and Arri, 3 teleprompters, gimbals, dollies, jibs.  Anything you need for a high end production, right there at your fingertips to work with.  When we say we offer a fully turnkey experience, we mean it, and we’re excited for our clients to say that they have never had a smoother production!

We would love to have your next production here and are offering steep discounts for the rest of 2023 so please reach out and let’s create!

Thanks for your time,
Adam Lebenstein
CEO, ASL Productions & ASL Studios
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