Our Airline Miles Are Piling Up!

From synchronized swimmers to the Super Bowl, we travel the country and step up our game to provide our clients with the best possible video content.

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In last month’s newsletter, we teased working on a specialty footwear project. Well that shoot has wrapped and we’re thrilled to share some images from our shoot with the first footwear and apparel company specifically tailored for women during maternity, Zi.

The project began in Los Angeles where we navigated the holidays to get all of our permits and plans in order for the shoot. We worked with acclaimed director Sophia Banks and DP Kevin Garrison and were in awe as they beautifully blended architecture and our actresses to produce a powerful digital spot.

The second part of our shoot brought us back home to New York to film a video with the owners of the brand and designer of the footwear. We were able to match the gorgeous aesthetic with the help of DP, Jason Banker, in a more conventional spot that speaks to the inspiration behind the brand.

The creative goal for this project was to showcase maternity from a position of strength, defying norms and presenting the power and beauty women posses while pregnant. Stay tuned for the final product.

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Where Barstool Sports goes we’re sure to follow, so we begrudgingly trekked to Miami in January for the Super Bowl. Barstool, with the help of sponsor New Amsterdam Vodka, took over an entire hotel in South Beach and ASL was there to make sure their sets and content pieces flowed seamlessly. 

The big news during the Super Bowl week was that Barstool was taking on an investment from Penn Gaming that valued the company at $450 million. When we started working on the brand back in 2017, the company was valued at $30 million and had under 40 employees. We can’t help but take a little pride in seeing our behind the scenes efforts pay off so massively for them and are excited to see them continue to grow and prosper. 

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In the first month of the new decade, we formed a partnership with a giant in the world of technology and computing. 

We filmed two interviews with Intel scientists focusing on neuromorphic and quantum computing. Explaining these concepts on film is challenging because of the dense nature of the two subjects but visual metaphors are a way to bridge that gap. We used a synchronized swimming team and spinning coins to represent the two computing topics. This made for amazing footage and the first video is coming together beautifully. 

We traveled with two ARRI Alexa Minis, a set of master prime lenses and Vario-5 stabilizer rig to Portland and Los Angeles. Traveling with all that gear and managing crews in both locations was a lot to juggle but through our experience and expertise, we were able to coordinate and run the shoots without a hitch. 

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While our shoots out of state took up a good portion of our time, we were able to continue producing projects for our partners, Psych Hub, RSM and Hand and Stone.

Therapist training videos, event coverage and social media videos are a day to day part of our work and we would not be the full service production company we’re known for without the ability to cover every single video need from our clients. 

Our next month will bring more work with Abbott, ADP, Dash Hudson, MS Shift and more. So stay tuned for highlights from those shoots and final videos from our Intel and Zi Footwear projects from this month!

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Need video production support? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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