We Have a lot to Tell You Before the Year Ends!

Hey Friends,

The holiday season is about to turn over to the New Year and our plate has been full. Let’s get right to it!

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Click on this picture to see the final product of our Aspen Dental shoot in Louisville.

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ASL created more content with Aspen Dental, this time in Louisville, Kentucky. We profiled a dentist’s visit to a wheelchair bound woman in need of a set of dentures. The family couldn’t afford the dentures and the elderly woman couldn’t move from her nursing home. The Aspen Dental associate traveled to her, after hours, to get a mold for her dentures and assisted in paying the fee. The end result is a heartwarming, beautifully shot video. Take a look above.

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Billtrust uses the video we shot to assist their clients in requesting a demo. Take a look here.

In November, we collaborated with Billtrust at their headquarters in New Jersey. We to filmed “A Day in the Life” of 14 Billtrust employees profiling their roles in various groups throughout the organization. In that same day, we also filmed an address to camera encouraging their potential clients to request a demo of their invoicing and payment processing solutions. Take a look at some of the work above.

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Shortly after our trip to Jersey, ASL jumped the pond and headed to the UK. We landed in England to film Adelphi Research, a global healthcare market insight consultancy. ASL was tasked with filming interviews with key team members and creating an engaging look into the personalities that make up Adelphi Research.

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From the UK, we hightailed it to LA to shoot David Yurman speaking at Otis College of Art and Design. We covered Yurman’s speech as part of his Young Sculptor initiative using a RED Epic camera which shoots in 5k and provides superior image capture at high resolution and high frame rate.
All of us at ASL want to wish you and your loved ones a safe and healthy New Year! Hoping to make you a part of the ASL family in 2018! 

Don’t forget to tune in next month to hear about more content creation with Barstool Sports, a collaboration with new client, luxury car service, Groundlink, a shoot at a comedy club for a creative way to deliver a winter weather advisory PSA for New York City, and a trip to Baltimore for another collaboration with RSM’s cultural diversity initiative. 

Until then, #LoveYourContent 

– Adam

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