LinkedIn. It’s the place where you catch up with old friends, update your resume, and network with professionals from around the world. It’s also becoming one of the fastest growing video content platforms, with the recent ascension of Linkedin video, in the world. 97% of B2B marketers using it as a content distribution channel!

LinkedIn is a B2B Content Haven

With over 610 million users, LinkedIn is an absolute behemoth in the social media sphere. But only 3 million of those LinkedIn users are sharing content every week. So why aren’t we hearing as much about LinkedIn as a content platform? Well, the numbers may be deceiving, because as a marketing tool. LinkedIn has proven to be the place where 91% of marketing executives go to find top quality content. While Twitter is at 29% and Facebook is at 27%.

For these reasons and so much more, LinkedIn has become a hotbed for conducting B2B sales. But why is it time to consider LinkedIn as a video platform? As we already know, mind-boggling amounts of videos are uploaded online each day, and the efficacy of video marketing makes for a dynamic tool for driving conversions.

But even withstanding obvious trends towards video marketing, LinkedIn has built a unique video platform that goes so far beyond longform B2B content. For businesses and individuals alike, here’s why it’s time to stop sleeping on LinkedIn video.

linkedin video

You Can Target Your Perfect Audience

Forget going viral and racking up insane view counts, because a marketing video is meant to connect with its target audience and drive them to a future buying decision. For LinkedIn, this is especially important. Founded as a hub for professionals to network and interact with each other, LinkedIn has made the world a much smaller place. So who uses LinkedIn? Well, basically everyone.

A Networking Platform For All

LinkedIn boasts such a diverse audience, both professionally and demographically, that whatever audience you’re looking to speak to, you’ll probably find it. On LinkedIn, 44% of users are female, 87 million are millenials, and 70% live outside the US.

Videos Generate Leads

From a standpoint of producing video, LinkedIn’s diverse, global appeal makes it a great place to generate leads. A Hubspot study showed that LinkedIn is an astonishing 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter! For B2B marketers, it’s become such a prominent source for leads that 80% of all B2B leads now come directly from LinkedIn.

“…it’s through their paid ad platform that they open up their vast resources to you. It’d be wise to take advantage of them.”

LinkedIn marketing practices don’t end there, though. Because of the massive amount of jobs searches and posts, for recruiters, LinkedIn is the first stop to finding the perfect talent to match your culture. With over 20 million jobs posted, it’s no wonder that 90% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to build their team. So whether you’re posting a corporate recruiting video to draw in talent or a commercial video to broaden your visibility, you’re bound to find your perfect audience within LinkedIn’s huge pool of professional users.

LinkedIn Excels in Engagement

Video posted on LinkedIn can be separated into three categories: paid video, linked video, and native video.

Paid video is a feature that allows you to run paid ads that will appear on targeted LinkedIn timelines. Linked videos are any video that posts to your timeline from another platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram. Both are great ways to build visibility; however, it’s LinkedIn’s native video feature that blow the others out of the water in terms of user engagement.

LinkedIn Native Video Has a Leg Up

Native videos have a leg up on other formats since the videos play automatically while scrolling. For short attention-spanned scrollers, those extra seconds really make the difference.

Now that you’ve got them, don’t you want to engage more with those viewers? Videos are natural catalyst of interaction, being proven 5x more likely to start conversations and 10x more likely to be shared. Because a network like LinkedIn prides itself of interaction, video content has proven to be right at home in the LinkedIn community.

LinkedIn Video with Less Restrictions

linkedin video without restrictions

While Instagram limits their video posts to 60 seconds and Snapchat tailors to the vertical format, LinkedIn has absolutely no restrictions. You do want to keep in mind that 57% of LinkedIn use takes place on mobile devices. But beyond that, however else it is that you want to reach your audience is 100% up to you!

Find the Video That Works for You

Whether posting a short DIY video from your phone camera, or delivering a high quality livestream from a corporate event, LinkedIn’s video capabilities make it possible. And since the LinkedIn network is made up of professionals, recruiters, and job seekers, your videos carry more impact than posting to your vast field of Facebook or LinkedIn followers.

Your Profile Is Your Own Channel

With videos, you want your LinkedIn profile to be a channel devoted to content that will offer your base more insight into your business. So let loose, and get know your audience. Because, if they want to see a product launch, post a product launch video. If they want to see a video testimonial or case study, post it. You get the point. LinkedIn video is unrestricted by runtime, size, and format, allowing you to post as many videos as you want while you stock your page with incredible content with no limits.

Their Paid Ad Platform is Simple and Effective

Diving into the paid ad campaign world seems like a lot of hoops to jump through. Though LinkedIn does offer plenty of avenues for companies to share content for free, they also offer a paid ad platform that boosts your visibility, while also being surprisingly user friendly.

Ad Campaigns, The Easy Way

If you don’t believe how easy it is, see for yourself. In just a few easy steps, your LinkedIn video ad campaign can be off the ground and running. But with video ads up to 30 minutes, it’s a reputable, educational platform that marketers take seriously.

Effective Videos = High ROI

Above all, ads are wildly effective on LinkedIn. A survey of B2B marketers regarding their favorite marketing practices shows LinkedIn ranking higher than other social platforms, providing the most ROI on their ad content. LinkedIn means business, we know that. Therefore, it’s through their paid ad platform that they open up their vast resources to you. It’d be wise to take advantage of them.

Videos That Can Actually Drive Business

linkedin video conversion

When you first invest in a digital marketing strategy, the main question you have is, ‘Will it drive business?’ We know already that LinkedIn offers a dynamic video platform that excels in engaging with niche audiences and reaching wide audiences with paid video ads. But will seeing a video on LinkedIn really convert customers and drive them to buy your service?

B2B Video, Unrivaled

Compared to Facebook’s .77% and Twitter’s .69%, LinkedIn’s visitor-to-lead conversion rate is a whopping 2.74%. Because LinkedIn users are actively looking to forge relationships and make purchases, it’s become an ideal for B2B marketing. Whether you’re offering a software platform, a new product, or a one-of-a-kind event, LinkedIn is the place where you’ll actually connect with the people that are interested in you and your business.

A Video Platform to be Reckoned With

LinkedIn has offered an unprecedented level of communication between corporations, agencies, and other professional networks with the public. It’s a platform created by people who know business for people looking to do business. While Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram keep users rapt with silly videos, LinkedIn is making a name for itself as the video platform for actually conducting business.


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