A Green Screen Video Production & Virtual Conference Live Stream

An employee cloud communication software company recently came to ASL looking for the perfect green screen video production home for a full day virtual conference livestream. They wanted to make sure all their needs were met including a comfortable environment for their on-air in studio hosts and staff as well as a seamless stream for their remote guests, clients and the viewing audience.

Here’s how ASL exceeded their expectations!

Set Design and Planning

Green screen video production in studio one at asl studios with live stream for voices virtual event. big custom desk three cameras

Our first mission was to turn our white cyc studio into a set that both branded the webinar.  After discussing multiple options with them it was determined that a green screen video production would provide them the most background flexibility and we would bring in a 2 piece bar that could be outfitted with company branding and serve as our set desk.

set render of two people standing behind bar set piece with green screen behind

Set render prior to build that helped client decide on a less busy background

To dial in the look we had a render artist show what the set would look like proportionally with the set desk and green screen video production.  In our renders we included extra furniture and plants provided by the company but once on set it was determined that the frame was perfect without.  On our shoot day we hung two matching 12 foot green curtains from our studios wrap around truss and pulled them taut.

Green Screen Video Production: Lighting and Keying

With green screen video productions it’s important to have a lot of light and make sure it’s spread evenly.  Using our Tricaster TC1 we can do a live key and adjust the light to remove any and all spill.  For this shoot we added extra backlights and hair lights which are often the hardest places to key out where you will notice green pixelation (between hair and fingers).


We also used black flags to keep the lit green screen from spilling or bouncing onto the set desk or our talents skin.  With our lights mounted in our ceiling grid, our flag and grip equipment and the ability to key and look at the finished product live we were able to exceptionally key and light the talent in a mere two hours of setup time.

Voices virtual livestream event by Staffbase virtual interview

Control Room Features for Livestreams

We already mentioned our tricaster TC1 which allows us to do a live cut switching between cameras, can key out the green screen  and also help us change images in multiple sources such as TV screens.  Our control  room has many other features that make it perfect for livestreams.  These include 1GB wifi which kept our stream going without interruption throughout the entire day.


We also have a control panel that connects from inside the studio to the control room.  Using computers, TV’s and our control panel we can effortlessly create and change messages from the control room that talent can look at from the set desk.  This was particularly effective in communicating live questions from the stream to our talent on set.

Other control room features that enhanced the stream included having a digital mixer where our audio operator can monitor, mix and record levels on up to 8 channels of audio.   Additionally, employees could comfortably watch the broadcast from all of the viewing areas around our office using our control room’s router.

Lastly we have an audio comms headset system whereby we can communicate to operators inside the studio, seamlessly from the control room.  And the best part is it’s all soundproofed so we can be loudly listening to the stream, calling out the cues, and have everyone in the studio completely unaware of the commotion behind the scenes.

All of these features were put to the test during the production and passed with flying colors.

Live Stream Platform

Streamyard for green screen video production

From Zoom to Teams to Youtube to Vimeo and all the other social networks there are endless options to stream your content to.  For this steam, StreamYard was the platform of choice.  It has a multi-platform streaming feature, which helps reach a wider audience. StreamYard also allows custom branding within the player and has great picture and picture layout options.

For remote guests, you can also setup waiting rooms and test their connections while the livestream is taking place.  This was especially useful as the webinar featured panels with remote speakers in multiple locations and we were able to get everyone together and make sure there were know technical issues and everyone was on time, before starting their discussion live in front of our viewing audience.

Live intereview for voices virtual 2024 event by Staffbase at ASL Studios using Streamyard

Lastly, the platform has live chat and survey features providing real-time back and forth that was incorporated in the broadcast.

Three Teleprompter System

One  request was that we be on a tight shot when the hosts were reading off a teleprompter.  We decided to outfit all three cameras with teleprompters all sync’d together and our amazing operator flawlessly kept pace with the talent so no matter what camera they looked at, they could comfortably deliver the script.

Teleprompters, confidence monitor, a time of day clock and our crew at ASL Studios for the staffbase live stream

By having a teleprompter operator manage the script’s pace and flow in real-time, our hosts could focus entirely on engaging with the audience and delivering impactful messages.

This meticulous attention to detail ensured a smooth and flawless presentation, showcasing ASL Studios’ commitment to excellence in virtual event production.


From pre-production to the final sign-off, ASL has everything you need for a flawless live virtual conference or event. From technical aspects like live keying, to comfortable green rooms, in-house viewing, catering, full-service production resources and a full time team to bring it all together, ASL Productions and ASL Studios has you covered.

Catering and Craft Services are available at ASL Studios


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