Content is King When it Comes to Video Production and Television Content

With Apple announcing that they are entering the sphere of original, streaming content, there are a lot of parallels we can draw to the video marketing arena. With television content moving to streaming and cable packages, the winners will be the companies with the best content. There are a lot of options for your video marketing needs. Plenty of companies can offer their marketing services for your video campaigns. In, what can seem like, an endless amount of companies who are vying for your video business, there has to be research of content before deciding which video production company to hire. ASL Productions is in a rare sphere. ASL has the video marketing content and expertise to create any video marketing campaign. When you are researching which company to trust to create your video marketing campaign, similar to which networks you choose to watch, content is king.

Apple is in the early stages of creating a television service to rival companies like Netflix, Amazon, and HBO. There are two main questions that arise; is there room for Apple in the subscription-based television field and should the companies already in that sphere be concerned?

With seemingly a million choices in the television content sphere, there may seem to be too many options, an overcrowding of our viewing capabilities. However, a new player in the original video content arena with the deep pockets and creative vision of Apple might be a productive addition to the realm of on demand and original content services.

Apple being the most profitable company in history means that money is no object. Apple has enough money to create show after show after show, without batting an eye. One can only assume that all of this money will attract the best and brightest when it comes television and movie creators. Not so fast. A lot of the success of companies such as Netflix and HBO have is due to the executives handling their responsibilities and letting the creative people be creative. Allowing the producers, directors and writers, to create the content they envision without notes and suggestions from the people with money.

Similarly in corporate video production, proper strategy and execution is necessary. You also have to delegate responsibility when need be. If there is a project that calls for motion graphics, that job is better suited to be delegated to an expert then assuming you know how to do everything. Trust for the people that are working for you is a large part of video production, as well as, content production.

Apple has the monetary recourses to attract anyone they want. There is no limit to casting, location, or creative budgets. There may be, however, a limit on how much content the public can take in. With seemingly so many options on network, cable, subscription, and on demand platforms, can Apple, take people’s attention away from all that is already out there?

You would think that people are set in their ways. That just because something new comes along, doesn’t mean that people will immediately abandon what they know and currently like. That’s not necessarily how we work. We always want what is new and shiny and Apple is the king of new and shiny. Apple, like they always do, will make a big marketing splash when they officially enter the world of video content. There will be press conferences held and presentations made, as well as, assumingly, some integration with their current line of products.

As in video marketing, it comes down to content. If Apple is able to create quality original content, they will succeed. If your video marketing campaign is executed properly, your business will reap the rewards. Producing desired results from your video marketing will be a result of the content. If the content is not up to the standard set by your competition, or in the case of Apple, cable companies like Netflix, FX, AMC, and USA and subscription based companies like Netflix, HBO, and Amazon, the results will not be as intended.

Should companies like Netflix be concerned? Well, no. Netflix has a viewership of 33,000,000 in the U.S., alone. That audience has developed a loyalty to the shows and service they get from Netflix. They aren’t going to just up and abandon Netflix because Apple is producing content. Their audience might be inclined to check out what Apple is putting out. Maybe quickly check out some original Apple content when Netflix is out do dinner with its friends or at a spa weekend. But seriously, there is room for Apple in this arena of pay service programming. Apple can be very successful without putting a large dent in the Netflix audience. There is room for lots of different companies to be successful in the sphere of original streaming content, especially since the trend in television seems to be moving to more of an “a la carte” style where cable companies are going to allow you to create the channel packages you want to pay for, instead of charging hundreds of dollars for their service which includes channels you have no desire to ever watch. In the next few years, people will be able to switch between their television streaming services and cable packages, with significantly less cost.

If I were Netflix, I would be saying, “Bring it On,” to Apple. It remains to be seen if Apple can produce hits, similar to shows like, “Orange is the New Black,” or, “House of Cards.” These shows have broken the mold and created a new niche in television. If Apple can follow suit and create content that people talk about and binge watch, they will create their own space in the world, currently being dominated by Netflix.

Netflix, Apple, Hulu, and even HBO have to continue to create content that people want to watch. All of these companies can be successful in the original content arena if the content has appeal. As we all know, in video marketing and streaming television service, content is king.

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