The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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If you’ve done much research into digital marketing, you probably know how essential videos are for promoting your company and its brands. People are much more likely to watch a video than to read an article or skim through blog posts. Focusing your marketing efforts on video content is an effective way to reach your target audience.

You may not realize how many kinds of marketing videos exist beyond traditional commercials. However, one of the most powerful forms of video marketing is branded video content. Branded videos use narrative-driven storylines to bring awareness to brands without directly advertising a specific product or service. This makes them more subtle and engaging than outright commercials.

Video advertising is the marketing strategy of the future, and branded video content is just one of the many forms this strategy takes. Read ahead to learn from the pros at ASL Productions how branded video content can boost your brand’s audience awareness.

What Is Branded Video Content?

Branded video content is a form of video marketing that does not directly promote a brand or company. Instead, branded videos focus on creating a positive image around a brand by portraying its values, culture, and current customers. Viewers may not even realize they are viewing an advertisement when they watch branded video clips.

Modern internet practices steer people away from commercials. How many times have you considered paying for Hulu or YouTube Premium to remove ads from your viewing experience entirely? Because advertisements often come with a negative image, consumers are more likely to watch branded video content that does not feel like an overt advertisement or self-promotion.

One of the most successful examples of branded video content is The Lego Movie. While most people view this movie as a fun, animated film, its release also promoted the Lego brand. This led to a widespread increase in sales. Viewers didn’t necessarily feel like they were watching an advertisement for Lego. That’s why this movie a highly successful example of branded content.

Types of Brand Videos

While the overarching term “branded content” can include a wide range of video types, some of the most successful branded videos fall into one of the following categories.

Product Demo Video

The internet offers a wealth of information about how to use specific products. If you’ve ever purchased a new coffee machine or researched the best laptop for your needs, you’ve probably watched a product demo video to guide your purchase decision.

Unlike product explainer videos, which are often more direct advertisements, product demos offer a technical demonstration of a product or service. Companies often incorporate demos into reviews of products, creating a subtle way to share facts about their own product.

When creating a product demo, you should make sure to lose the “marketing” voice. You want consumers to understand that you are offering an unbiased demonstration of a product rather than trying to sell it to them.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos highlight a review or opinion of your brand from an actual client. They allow your customer base to see your company’s effect on people who are similar to them. This encourages potential customers to try your products or services for themselves.

Testimonials allow customers to trust that your product or service actually works. They also position your company to be as reputable and reliable as you advertise it to be.

Company Culture Video

Another way B2B marketers engage an audience through branded video content is by highlighting a company’s culture. Company culture videos are an excellent place to showcase behind-the-scenes footage from a recent event, interviews with your team members, or even just casual glances into day-to-day life around the office.

Letting your target audiences experience your company’s culture first-hand is one of the most effective ways to humanize your brand. Your audience will begin to see you as a group of people working toward a common goal rather than an impersonal brand trying to force its products onto them.

Case Study Video

Case studies are similar to testimonials, but their content is more data-driven than experience-driven. This video style draws in your target audience with facts and figures while still utilizing customer testimonies to relay these facts.

An example of a compelling case study video is a weight-loss brand showcasing a customer who has lost 50 pounds by using the brand’s products. Giving the audience real-world data about a product’s effectiveness may be the push a customer needs to try your products.

Advantages of Branded Video Content

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Branded video content offers a few advantages to your audience’s viewing experience, and therefore, to your marketing strategy. Branded video content is:

  • Engaging: Instead of forcing a product or service in the viewer’s face, branded videos tell a story or present a new idea that engages the audience. They include relatable characters and thought-provoking concepts. Making them feel more like the videos you would watch in your free time.
  • Non-disruptive: When viewers see an advertisement pop up on Instagram or Google, it probably disrupts their viewing experience. Branded video content is non-disruptive, meaning it smoothly integrates itself into whatever you are already viewing. These videos often utilize a casual tone, like what you would use with friends or family, to convey their branding concept.
  • Long-form: Branded videos do not have to fit into a 30-second TV slot. In fact, the most engaging branded video content is often several minutes long. The length provides enough time to tell a whole story and invite the audience into a larger vision.

Branded content is more than just subtle product placement. This strategy effectively connects with consumers through authentic, relatable content that sells your brand indirectly.

Contact ASL Productions Today

The bottom line is that branded video content may be the solution your company needs to bring authenticity and engagement to your digital advertising campaign. Our team of expert video marketers can help you create branded content that tells your company’s story and grows your business as a whole.

We use some of the best practices in the industry to help you bring in new clients or customers through the power of video. Contact the professionals at ASL Productions today at 646.481.1472 to start the process of creating an engaging branded content series.


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