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Here are some highlights of our recent work. 

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Our most recent production with Attention and Abbott took a closer look at how the Freestyle Libre is improving the life of one user, Austin James. Austin, a father and musician, used to have to prick his fingers several times a day to test his blood sugar, affecting how he interacts with his daughter and performs with his band.

ASL traveled to Suffield, CT with operators and producers to capture Austin’s story. We brought our ARRI Alexa Mini, C300 Mark ii, set of Sigma Cine Prime lenses and MYT Works slider.  Our DP used a Ronin Stabilizer and Ready Rig Vega combo to smoothly maneuver around the band.

Using a hazer and incandescent lights we transformed a ragged barn, which Austin’s band uses as a practice space, into a recording studio worthy of a music video. We blasted M18’s through the windows to simulate sunlight pouring in and used ARRI Skypanel S60’s for our key lighting.  

We also rented an apartment to recreate Austin’s own home, decking it out with accents, such as pillows and placemats, in Abbott’s colors. This allowed us to showcase Austin and his daughter cooking and interacting at their “video home” and keeping the shoot on brand. 

Make sure to stay tuned to our emails and social channels for the final version.

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Since the middle of 2019, we’ve produced monthly video newsletters for Dixon’s investors and shareholders. Dixon comes to our in-office studio where we have the set pieces, lighting and teleprompter ready and waiting. 

The Dixon video has a quick turn around time as their video needs to be ready by the next morning in Australia, where they’re headquartered. We take the footage and head upstairs to our edit suite to start editing immediately. These productions are running like a well oiled machine and our knowledge of the local real estate  market has grown immensely. 

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The second month of the new decade also brought more collaboration with Barstool Sports. We designed and built the set for Barguments, Barstool’s episodic series pinning their personalities against each other in the framework of silly arguments you would have at a bar. 

We have also provided operators all over North America for their Pond Hockey series and locally for their Behind the Blog series with KFC.

Places we’ve provided crew include Toronto, New Hampshire and Denver. Next month we have exciting branded content spots with Pepsi, High Noon, Chevy and the return of Storm Chasers.

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Other work this month included testimonial shoots for ADP, RSM and MS Shift and continuing post-production on Zi Footwear and Intel.

Stay tuned for highlights from those shoots and final videos from some of our best work yet.

Need video production support? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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