11 Benefits of Drone Video Productions for Your Business

If you want to add a new perspective to your marketing video efforts, look no further than drone video productions. Drone video equipment has evolved in recent years, enabling people to create high-quality videos for a fraction of the cost and effort that this type of project used to take.

Plus, studies have shown that including a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by a whopping 80%. Therefore, you want to make your video the best it can be. Luckily, a drone can help you do that.

You’d be remiss not to take advantage of this compelling marketing tool.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that drone video productions can benefit your business. Afterward, contact our team via phone, email, or online form to learn more about our video production services!

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Unique Camera Angles

1. Aerial Drone Video

When you think about using a drone, aerial footage likely comes to mind. Before commercial drones, capturing an aerial shot required hiring a licensed helicopter pilot and a human camera operator. This endeavor took a ton of time and money, but luckily, drones have simplified the process and lowered the cost.

Keep in mind, however, that drone aerial videography must follow certain FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations. For instance, you can only fly the drone up to 400 feet in the air, and you can only fly in certain areas and conditions. Our licensed drone pilots obey all FAA regulations.

That said, you can still do a lot of things with aerial drone footage. An aerial perspective enables you to capture breathtaking scenery, the location of a property in relation to other nearby landmarks, and much more. Quite simply, aerial video footage helps you film things considered out of reach for an ordinary camera.

2. Low-Altitude Motion Shots

The opposite of aerial drone video, a low shot allows you to capture the action up close. A drone can weave around obstacles and keep up with fast-paced activity much more easily than a camera operator could. If you want to film a sporting event, for example, our low-altitude videography services will come in handy.

3. Indoor Flight

Due to their small size, you can fly drones in a variety of indoor environments, such as homes and showrooms. However, flying indoors means that you can’t take advantage of certain technological advancements like GPS location and satellites.

These restrictions can make indoor flights tricky, but our drone operators have the expertise necessary to navigate tight turns and around fragile objects for smooth video footage.

4. Stabilized Handheld Cameras

Yes, drones were designed to fly, but videographers often capture key shots while holding the drone by hand. Most drones come equipped with gimbaled cameras ideal for capturing handheld footage without any shakiness. Many people also use handheld drones for professional photography.

5. Duplicate Autonomous Flight Paths

If you want to capture the exact same shot more than once, autonomous drone videography eliminates the possibility of operator error. You can create high-quality time-lapse videos, progress shots, and other projects using this technique.

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Uses for Drone Footage

6. Create Better Virtual Tours

If you work in an industry such as real estate, you want to create compelling virtual tours for your clients. Unlike still photography, drone videography lets viewers feel like they’re walking through the space.

7. Show Real Dimensions of a Property

Again, real estate agents can leverage our aerial drone video services here. Flying a drone over the property you want to sell can give potential buyers a better idea of how it looks before checking it out in person. They can glean the size, shape, and layout of the property more easily from an aerial view.

8. Live Stream an Event

Many of our drones come equipped with live stream technology that allows you to broadcast your event to social media in real time. Filming an event from a variety of angles will provide viewers with an immersive experience.

Attendees can watch the video afterward to reminisce, and a high-quality event video may attract new attendees if you decide to hold the event again in the future.

9. Show an Overview of Your Event Offerings

For large events, you may want to consider using our aerial drone video services. If you’re hosting an event like a music festival, pilots can fly the drone high above the space to capture all of the stages at once.

Additional Benefits of Drone Video Productions

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10. Impress Potential Clients

These days, people expect businesses to be as professional as possible. If you work in real estate, for example, your clients will expect aerial footage. Without it, these people may view your company as subpar and turn to other alternatives.

Using cutting-edge drone technology for high-quality photography and videography will show prospective customers that you know what you’re doing. As a result, you’ll enjoy a leg up over your competition, who may have filmed their marketing videos using a low-quality handheld camera.

11. Create Brand Awareness

If you’re making corporate marketing video productions, you want them to leave an impression on the viewers so that they’ll remember your brand. A drone can help you create stunning photography or creative videos perfect for sharing on social media and growing your client base.

A drone video operator will capture dramatic shots that will captivate viewers and potentially turn them into customers. In the process, your company may become the first name that comes to mind when these new clients think of your industry.

Contact ASL Productions for Your Drone Video Productions

For more information about our drone video production services, feel free to contact our team via phone, email, or online form.

Our professional video production company has over 15 years of experience producing video content. Based in New York City with regional offices in New Jersey, South Florida, and Los Angeles, we service clients all over the world. Wherever you want to shoot your video, we can help you build a remote operations team from our wide network of operators, directors, and producers.

From aerial footage to tight shots, from corporate to small business use, we have the expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any project.

To see how our video production team can help you with your project, give ASL Productions in New York, NY, a phone call at (646) 481-1742, or contact us using the online form on our website.

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