The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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Even before the pandemic brought new communication challenges, video production had evolved as a top priority across most industries. 

This growth is all thanks to the medium’s impact value. Whether it’s your business’s employees, shareholders, or consumers, research shows that people retain 95% of a video message compared to just 10% of text copy. As for exposure? Viewers share video content as much as 1200% more often. 

Of course, there’s a catch. For video communication to be both memorable and share-worthy, it needs to look great. With so many moving pieces to manage, producing a high-quality video is already a challenge. But in the absence of in-person collaboration, it’s more difficult than ever to deliver. 

A corporate remote video production solution doesn’t just overcome today’s obstacles. This solution stands to offer a more viable solution for creative teams moving forward, even as the world returns to business as usual. 

remote video production

The Benefits of Corporate Remote Video Production

Remote technologies help ensure communication continuity in today’s changing corporate landscape. Its benefits go beyond compliance with social distancing restrictions, however. 

The right remote video approach brings your business: 

  • More flexibility in what, where, and how you want to shoot 
  • Increased productivity and resource optimization
  • Significant cost savings in everything from travel expenses to staffing needs
  • A more streamlined workflow managed by production experts
  • Easier scalability with centralized, cloud-based resources

This turnkey solution presents new possibilities to optimize your video assets — and the communication strategies they support. With ongoing access to production professionals and state-of-the-art equipment, your team can unleash its creative potential without compromising for the sake of logistics. 

How Remote Video Production Works

Traditionally, producing a corporate video requires lengthy planning, coordination, and oftentimes travel. This process can limit an organization’s ability to turn around content quickly and maintain quality. It also complicates or even restricts video needs like live streaming from multiple locations. 

Taking your video production virtual simplifies this workflow. You have the equipment and expert support standing by to create high-quality content from anywhere, whether you need: 

  • A C-suite address, shareholder announcement, or company policy message
  • Marketing materials like a landing page or explainer video
  • Recruitment and training content
  • Advertisements or public service announcements
  • Panel discussions, news interviews, or live streams

No matter what you want to capture, fully remote-controlled equipment and production enable no-limits creative control. You just choose what you want to shoot and from where, and your remote team delivers a compact, 40-pound film studio directly to that location. 

All you need to do is switch the power on, and your remote producer handles the rest. From virtually assessing the best spot to film to managing communication. As this dedicated support helps your talent get ready. Your remote film crew readies for action, digitally controlling:

  • Bi-colored lighting
  • Camera pan, tilt, focus, and zoom
  • Perfect audio through easy peel-and-stick microphones
remote production control

Our Producer Controls All Gear Remotely

Your producer also facilitates any of your video’s custom needs, like:

  • Talent interview assistance
  • Teleprompter display and use
  • Alternate lighting and framing options  
  • Hot spot connections
  • Live streaming

With remote viewing capability, you can also monitor everything in real time from wherever you’re based. It’s a total white-glove setup and delivery production solution. No technical expertise required on your end. 

Get in touch with our team at ASL Productions and start harnessing every opportunity that our remote video production solution offers. From branding to company culture and testimonial videos, we don’t just help you overcome today’s communication challenges. We optimize your production strategy for better, scalable outcomes.


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