Videos live everywhere these days, and homepage video has become one of the most effective means of using your video content to make your website all the more attractive to visitors.

For businesses, the foray into video marketing is more pivotal now than ever. According to Vidyard, 71% of marketers have reported that their video content outperforms other content marketing efforts. Basically what that means is that compared to blogs, branded content, and photos, video content makes the most impact on its audience. But more on that later…


What matters is that video offers a quality of directness and transparency that other marketing assets can’t capture. And while the Internet offers a countless array of places for video content to live, the website video is a safe bet for tangible results. This is why website videos should be at the forefront of your video marketing strategy.

They Keep Visitors On Your Page Longer

You want a video that grabs the viewer and invites them to stay on the website and explore further. Studies show that 88% of viewers will spend more time on a site with video. While video alone will help, you still want your video content to be attention-grabbing enough to bring the viewer in. Hubspot studies suggest that such
videos should remain under the two-minute mark to hold the most viewers’ attention.

From a digital marketing standpoint, decreasing bounce rate is the common goal to keep visitors on your site longer. Marketers put the sweet spot of bounce rates at around 40%, with anything under 30% being excellent. It’s here that videos can really come to the rescue. Including video on your site alone, can reduce your bounce rate by up to 34%!

Data suggests that adding video to your website attracts audiences and that they are likely to click-through to other pages.


Viewers Retain Info Better from Video

Creating a great website is all about creating a memorable user experience. Videos are not only fun additions to keep viewers on your homepage, but they’re also informative. With viewers retaining 95% of a video’s message versus an article’s 10%, it’s no wonder why companies are turning to video content to drive their messages across to new audiences. Marketers are turning to explainer videos, testimonials, and about us videos to welcome audiences to their website and offering information that matters!

Homepage Video Drives Traffic, SEO, and Share-ability

Digital marketing strategy has a language of its own. At its very core, though, you’ll want to understand traffic and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). As you probably know, traffic is the volume of visitors to your website. But it’s SEO, the strategy that equips your site to shoot to the top of the Google results, that can really flourish with video content.

Studies show that having video on your site alone makes it 53x more likely to be featured on the first page of Google. With a strong SEO comes high visibility, which means higher sharing.

If the purpose of your video content is to inform the public about your product and get the word out, then you want your videos to drive as much traffic to your site as possible. So even if you are posting your video content to social media page (which you definitely should be doing), you should also be linking back to your webpage. Digital marketing metrics are all related to one another. So getting shares of your videos counts to your referral traffic, which in turn boosts your SEO rankings.

SEO is all about quality of content and authority. By having a homepage that features professional-quality video content, you’re not only establishing a level of expertise, but you’re bolstering your brand’s reputation online.

They’re the Secret Weapon for Conversions

A company website, in most cases, is the hub for conducting online business. The interactive nature of videos alone draws in viewers and makes them more likely to make a purchase. Replacing images with videos on your homepage alone can increase conversion rates by up to 12.62%!

The online commerce market today is all about conveying trust. So, whether it’s a testimonial video, an about us video, or an animated explainer, a great homepage video will educate and build trust with a viewer that will drive them a step closer to making a buying decision.

Slideshare’s research on webpage videos has shown that landing page videos were shown to increase buying conversions by 80% and further, that marketers who use video on their site grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

When it all boils down to it, it’s harder to see why so many websites still don’t feature homepage video content. Demographics across the board turn to video to inform themselves and seek trust. So as a savvy marketer, you’ll realize that video content will increase your visibility and grow your opportunities to connect with a new and eager audience.

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