The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A Recording Studio in NYC

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So this is the new normal. Working from home, communicating via email and teleconference. There’s a lot to get used to with how the world is changing due to the coronavirus outbreak. But life is still moving on. Businesses still need to operate and reach their employees, investors, clients and consumers. That’s not going to stop.

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Your video production strategy, which might feel like an afterthought, could be your biggest ally. Now, your strategy does need a bit of a tweaking just like every other aspect of your work life. You can’t rely on sizzle videos for your annual conferences or bringing a video production crew to the office to film interviews and b-roll of your teams working. That just isn’t going to happen for the foreseeable future.

So how should you adjust your video marketing strategy? In this blog we’ll explain how you can continue your video strategy during this coronavirus outbreak without putting your employees, attendees, clients or a production crew at risk.

video marketing strategy

Repurposing Video Assets

If your company is already working with a video marketing strategy, more than likely, you have previous videos used in your marketing efforts. These videos can provide a treasure trove of assets to an experienced post production team.

Last Year’s Event Repurposed for this Year

Last year’s annual conference highlight video can be cut down from its original length to create shorter versions for social. Your video can be cut to a minute version for your LinkedIn feed while cutting down a 30-second version for your Facebook feed and 15-second versions for you Instagram Story. Sharing your video cut downs on your social channels can increase your engagement with your audience and keep you at the top of your clients’ mind.

Using the sizzle video to create cut downs is a really good start but breaking down the elements of that sizzle can provide even more assets! Good interview soundbites drive a successful sizzle video. These interviews can help create testimonials and/or case studies for your event or company depending on the types of interviews conducted. Interviews from clients and attendees can be edited together to create an entirely new video to distribute on your website, emails or social channels.

video cut downs

Keeping Morale High During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Along with last year’s event, your most recent company video can be repurposed to create new video assets. Re-evaluating interview bites and and footage of your employees in their work environment can be used to keep your employees and clients abreast of your commitment to them.

A skilled editor can repurpose sound bites and b-roll footage to create a new message based on your audience. A sound bite from your VP praising your company’s hard work, in relation to a specific client, can be used in a new video showing appreciation for your employees diligent work from home during this time of uncertainty.

Repurposing footage from videos is a cost-efficient and simple way to maintain your video marketing strategy during the coronavirus outbreak.

Animation or Stock Footage can Drive Your Video

Just because your product or service is due to launch during the coronavirus outbreak doesn’t mean you should put your dreams on hold. Animation and stock footage are ways to create videos without having a live video production.

Animation is Virus- Free

In a normal business environment, an animated launch or explainer video is a great marketing tool to promote your product or service. Now that the coronavirus outbreak has put a hold on large gatherings, like for a shoot, an animated video makes more sense than ever to help promote your product or business.

Animated videos are also a great way to explain next steps or new procedures to your employees. They provide an ease of understanding to their audiences. Animated videos help their audiences retain up to 80% of information. Using animated videos to explain new processes to your audience is a good way to make sure they understand your message.

Stock Your Videos with Stock Footage

If an animated video isn’t for you, using stock footage is a great way to create new video content. Adding graphics and/or a voice over are additional ways to push your video forward. Websites such as iStock, Videoblocks, Artgrid and Shutterstock are just some of websites dedicated to providing stock footage.

Be careful with the clips you choose because each clip has its own unique look and style. A good editor can easily match the color in post production. However, the tone of the footage is important to keep consistent throughout your video.

Using animation or stock footage both have their advantages in creating new video content. With a good post production team, there should be minimal loss in quality from live video.

Livestream is Another Alternative

livestream video

You understand that the coronavirus outbreak is limiting your team from gathering together. But that doesn’t mean that important information should slip through the cracks.

Many companies are choosing to livestream their presentations, earnings reports and conventions. Livestreaming is a simple way to make sure information can be shared in real time with your audience. Don’t cancel your conference, livestream your speakers directly to your audience. Emailing your earnings report is so 2010. Livestream your latest investment reports to your investors and show them the confident face of your CEO.

A livestream video crew can consist of, as little as, two people depending upon the amount of people on camera and the size of the space. Nowadays, you can livestream to a number of platforms to ensure secure transmission and easy access.

Repurposing footage, using animation and stock footage or livestreaming directly to your audience are alternatives to filming a live video. Your video marketing strategy shouldn’t be put on hold just because large gatherings are. Reach out to ASL Productions today so we can determine the best video strategy for your business.


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