The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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The way that people choose what businesses to patronize is very similar to the way in which they choose what people they’re going to be friends with.  Just as people want friends who are reliable, trustworthy, and fun, they look for these same traits the companies that they’re going to work with.  It can be difficult for an entity like a business to show its true “personality”, which is why actively trying to do so is so important. 

Why is corporate identity important?

Corporate identity tends to go hand in hand with brand awareness.  You want to call attention to your brand, but you want to make sure that once that attention is held, it is positive.  When you’re bringing awareness to your brand, what you’re really doing is bringing awareness to the personality of your company.  The more positive connections that you can make and the more capable and dependable your company comes across, the more customers you’ll attract.

What can you do to build a sense of corporate identity?

Building a sense of corporate identity is best done by using real people.  Showcasing certain employees, conducting interviews with people familiar with your company, and generally producing media and content that illustrates your commitment to being a trustworthy business is all part of building corporate identity.  You can capture these moments through media such as magazine articles, web content, film, and more. 

Why video?

Video is such a powerful means of representing your company because it’s able to capture a certain realness that other media can’t.  Documentary style videoing such as interviews and testimonials feel very authentic to viewers, as we are seeing someone’s words as they’ve said them.  Though it’s obviously possible to script a documentary style scene, the overall feeling of it is still very real.  Scripted videos, or videos that even involve a certain degree of acting, can also be very successful at conveying a company’s corporate identity.  A silly video can articulate a sense of whimsy and youthfulness in a company, whereas a dramatic or emotional video can show consumers and potential customers that you’re a company with heart.  Video is easily digestible, captivating, and versatile in its capabilities.

At ASL Productions, we help you through every step of the video shooting process.  We plan with you to ensure that we’re heading in the right direction, we shoot with you to ensure the best possible product, and we work with you to make something that you and your company can be proud of.  For more information on producing a video to represent your business, contact ASL Productions today.


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