The Exponential March of Online Video Viewing


The trend of frequent changes has become the norm in our rapidly updating world. This applies most aptly to internet developments, which have been taking the world by storm, particularly since the advent of video sharing and streaming sites. What was touted as the new normal, as far as, how we receive information and internet content has suddenly catapulted to oblivion since another innovation with better features is knocking at the door to replace our way of consuming information.

This is the era of digital devices and mobile video content, which empower the user to carry their technology along with them. Actions that required the user to gain access to a personal computer or other standalone device are now possible with the help of improved, better-equipped mobile phones.

In studies conducted on the viewing patterns of different age groups on different programs like digital video, social networks, digital radios, Facebook and Pandora, it was observed that there is a marked increase in the viewership of video content by adults. In other words, the percentage of young adults watching video content on digital devices has been gradually increasing with a sizeable shift in viewer interest from TV to mobile-based applications.

The TV devices like apple TV, Roku, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon etc. and new service providers like Yahoo, Vessel and Snap chat are coming up with innovative new offers on video content they provide. Even companies like CBS, CNN and Disney channels are now grabbing a large chunk of the video pie.

Thus, the viewing of the digital video content is on the rise and is estimated to be the dominant shareholder of the viewing pattern. More than 80% of all content is likely to be in the form of video by the end of 2016.

As it is, corporate video content is making rapid strides and changing the way documentation, recording and database storage is being conducted.

As a result of this trend, not only will corporate video production increase, the spiraling effect will also automatically be reflected in the increase in the competitive video marketing campaigns, which will have to be initiated to keep abreast of the market. This will entail higher storage capacities for all the players in the field and will also require a marketing effort.

Hence, the writing is on the wall, mobile video content has a bright and massive future in the foreseeable future.

Companies who are in the business of corporate video content will receive a shot in the arm due to the inevitable shift from document and picture to video content. In effect, there will be a rising need for marketing companies to switch to video dominant platforms. That kind of shift will also result in more work for creative marketing companies.

The fact remains that a video is able to remain at the top of the list of all online content. That is why Youtube receives more than a billion hits on an average per month, including 4 billion video views per day.

While a document may provide you very graphic details with a well-crafted account of the contents, a simple mobile video content will convey a much more detailed effect on the viewer of the video content through the effect of sound, music, lighting effects etc.

It is forecast that corporate video production will have to be either prepared in-house by the corporate entities in the near future since the rapid strides made by the modern digital gadgetry has also made available new and advanced devices capable of producing corporate video content of a high quality and resolution. Or, they will have to employ companies in the video marketing sector to get access to video content on behalf of their company.

Those small and medium enterprises that do not adapt in advance may end up in trouble or simply end up paying more for their video content.

That the mobile video content is exploding is not in any doubt on any score because that has already been recognized; what is also true of video content is that even the now popular social sites like Facebook will be forced to rely more and more on digital video content if they are to survive the invasion by the massive video juggernaut.

Online video content will have to be marketed not only by the corporate world but also by the popular social networks too. This trend has also resulted in a serious media war for domination in the sector, between the two giants of the Internet, Google and Facebook.

While Youtube has traditionally been the undisputed ruler of the online video content, Facebook has also come up with a competitive strategy by allowing its readers to upload all their video content online. This enables them to not only share them with their contacts; the video content is permanently available to them in online storage for viewing as and when required.

While Youtube remains the dominant force in online video content, Facebook is trending towards a more video content and sharing site. Allowing visitors to the site to post with more ease and visibility. Who knows who will win between Youtube and Facebook? We do know that the overall winner, as far as online content is concerned, is video.

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