The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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1. Collaborators – The best outcomes on any project are the ones where we’re all working together. We help guide our clients, molding their ideas to meet their budgets, while also keeping viewer interest and engagement in mind every step of the way. We get to know our clients businesses. It’s amazing the knowledge gained when it comes to data collection, visual design, the financial markets and pharmaceutical regulations, just to name a few of the industries we cover. To effectively tell our client’s stories and drive the results they’re looking for, we need to know their business as well as ours. So we do just that.

2. Team Players – Not all our work is direct to client. We often help out other production companies. Sometimes they need one of our Canon C300 cameras or lenses. Other times they need one of our talented, well-trained pa’s on set. Perhaps they have an insurance need or help with a discount at a camera rental store. We have their back because we know they’ll have ours. So when that 10pm call comes in that tomorrow’s DP is now unavailable, we have their replacement, and the same thing goes for gear or whatever other urgent needs come up we can help with.


3. Resourcefulness Like No Other – Being a great producer is all about being resourceful. Whatever the question, you need the answer. Digital media extends far beyond video production. We are often asked for photographers, scriptwriters, storyboard artists, etc. In each case we know which person to turn to, to deliver. And when it comes to video itself we get asked for teleprompter ops, interrotron systems, steadicam devices and that’s just scratching the surface. We know how to source all production toys affordably, the best people to operate them, and the most creative ways to use these devices on set.

4. Owner-Operators – With so much equipment and new devices being introduced all the time, it is increasingly difficult to be an owner-operator. While we make sure to work with as many different products as we can, the best results come from the items that are in our hands every day, the ones we own and use on a consistent basis.

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