The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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Finding and evaluating corporate video agencies for different cities is increasingly challenging for marketing teams in corporate media production. Marketing teams are using video production companies to simplify their content heavy marketing needs. These companies can handle all video production, including conferences, interviews, livestreams, and photography, regardless of location.

They improve communication, provide quicker response times, and offer reduced prices overall.

Now, we will discuss the important factors that marketing teams should focus on when searching for corporate videography services.


The first thing anyone should look for when exploring national production partners is do they have the appropriate experience? Some companies prioritize brands or commercial work, while others have experience in white labeling for their corporate clients.

ADP Company Story Video

ADP Video – Meet Lifion

If your department does interviews, animations, or event coverage often, ask for examples of that work. A good video production company needs experience with corporate clients and in their specific field and use case. If they don’t have that to show you, it may be time to start thinking about if they would be a good long term partner as you continue to grow.



After confirming the video production company’s experience, assess their resources. Any production company can fly their people around at a high cost to the client. If your team needs resources from all over the country and the world, pick a partner with a large video production crew network.

This means less flying, less hotels and less head hunting in each city for you. Your national production partner is the gap between you and bad crew. Make sure that you can rely on them to provide vetted, trusted team members no matter where your next production is around the country.


Versatility is paramount for a Business Video Production Partner. Right now you may mostly be doing interviews or animations. Tomorrow though you may need livestreams, panel discussions or same day edits around the nation.



Picking a partner not just for today, but for tomorrow is important. Ensure they can adapt to your needs, be a trusted advisor, guide you, and genuinely value your well-being.


Your team must act professionally and respectfully towards you and your clients, regardless of their actions. This extends to corporate video production and their crews as well. Ensure your potential video partners have worked with top executives and celebrities, and treat everyone respectfully.

Sherri Shepherd for Freestyle Libre

Sherri Shepherd filmed in Los Angeles

This seems easy enough, but there are so many people doing video production that many have come up doing smaller projects. No problem with that, but larger projects and titles need professionalism that is often ignored in smaller productions.

One good way to find this out early on is to ask to see a call sheet. You can also ask for example videos with A-List Talent. Testimonials from corporate clients that speak to the way they conduct themselves in the field in during prep.


There are many corporate videographers who can go where needed, point and shoot. When looking for a longer team national video partner you should prioritize those who are able to be a key voice in the room. Predicting and resolving unforeseen issues or suggesting cost-effective solutions that address your department’s needs in the most efficient manner is critical to a long term video team.

Experienced producers with backgrounds in various industries are skilled at finding unique solutions to challenging problems. Producers with long term expertise in film, TV, corporate, and branding can be a huge benefit to your marketing team. These producers can offer alternative perspectives and ideas that you may not have thought of.


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