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We love providing beautiful video content for our partners, especially when it’s a challenge. We recently had a few shoots that presented logistical and time crunch challenges and ASL came through in a big way.

Take a look at some highlights below. 

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ASL recently collaborated with Team Enterprises to take over downtown Louisville for Bacardi’s Heaven Week. Bacardi brands set up shop all over Louisville, welcoming Bacardi employees for a week of meetings, events and parties.

While Bacardi was there to team build and enjoy themselves, ASL captured every moment. We had a crew of 8 following the action, moving from location to location to make sure we didn’t miss a second of the excitement.

With multiple video operators and a photographer on-site ASL was able to catch multiple events at once with the intent of creating highlight videos and photographic marketing assets for the year for Team and Bacardi.

From Bar crawls to breakout rooms to Churchill Downs, ASL was there to capture content every step of the way. 

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A big part of what energy company’s do is create and maintain the infrastructure that provides electricity to their consumers. Constellation Energy hired ASL to document their employees performing these maintenance checks on some of their infrastructure in Pennsylvania. The only catch was, we had to capture all of the content needed in the short work window provided by Constellation’s team of utility workers. 

ASL provided a camera and drone op to capture multiple perspectives of how Constellation performs their maintenance checks. On this day, Constellation was checking their utility poles in the area to make sure there were no rotting poles and the overhead connections were all secure.

We’re lucky to be able to film Constellation’s logistic maintenance procedures to help them improve their processes that bring power to people all over the country. Take a look at some of what was captured in the pictures above. 

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At ASL, we love helping our partners capture their milestones. This was the case as we collaborated with Iris Software to produce their 30 year anniversary video. We worked with their team in Edison, New Jersey and India to tell the story of 30 years of growth and accomplishments by Iris.

Our 2-camera shoot featured interviews with company executives as well as a photographer capturing candids and headshots for the company’s website. This is the second project we have worked on with Iris and we hope to be there when they are celebrating their 40th anniversary!

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We partnered with a new client recently, as ASL worked with the Professional Fighters League to profile Shane Burgos. Burgos has his first fight with PFL upcoming in November and ASL was tasked with taking photos, interviewing him, and capturing some of his training for a promotional video for the fight.

To up the production value we broke out our Sigma CinePrime lenses which stay sharp while providing shallow depth of field options. Our prime lenses also offer full frame coverage with stunning image quality and a compact construction.

Screen Shot 2018 06 11 at 3 54 59 PM 1024x40 1024x40 1

Upcoming projects include profiling a Bronx charter called The Haven School. We’ll also spend time in Kingston NY featuring the Hudson Valley’s premiere massage training institute, and we’re filming an interview about ESG funds and a company’s commitment to Net Zero Emissions with an organization across the pond.

Have a story to tell or other video production needs? We have your solution so please reach out. 

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