The Benefits Of Using Drones For Your Next Video Production


Using drones to capture footage can end up really setting your company apart from the competition.  With the ability to fly to places that would be very difficult for humans to access, drone footage provides access to entirely new perspectives.  Drones can get up close and personal with scenes and events in a way that the average videographer couldn’t dream of doing.

New Perspectives

Because drones have the ability to travel in so many different nooks and crannies, they can end up conveying a sense of voyeurism that would not be possible otherwise.  It was a popular choice of Alfred Hitchcock to begin his movies with shots that moved from outside of an apartment building into a specific window of that apartment building, as can be seen in Rope (1948) and Psycho (1960).  Hitchcock didn’t have access to the handy gadgets of today, making these shots all the more difficult and rare to obtain.  In using drone technology, we can succeed in presenting a viewpoint with similar omniscience, a powerful technique in film making.

Sneaking Up On The Action

Drones allow you to get much closer to action.  Whereas it may be dangerous to stand only a few feet away from booming fireworks, a drone can actually fly close to them and capture the action from a much more intense standpoint.  By the same token, if you’d like to make a promotional video for your company and your services involve any degree of physical activity, drones can follow activity very closely and film it in a way that would be difficult to do as an individual videographer.

Ease of Motion

Because drones fly, their movements are very fluid, and thus great at capturing motion.  This is due to a stabilizing mechanism in the drone called a gimbal device, which is responsible for keeping the drone flying in even, upright horizontal motion.  Gimbals are not only used for drone flying, but video production in general, for their ability to allow for seamless, flowing shots.  Whereas getting certain shots used to be dependent on a videographer’s ability to capture them, you can now trust drones to capture the action.  Drones definitely require a good bit of dexterity and hand-eye coordination on the part of the operator, so practice will still be needed in order to come away with a good final product.

Drones have been used to display new perspectives and angles, and the possibilities of what they can do are virtually endless.  Drone technology is still relatively new, and taking advantage of it for your next professional video will show others your adaptability to new things and commitment to staying relevant.  At ASL Productions, we aim to provide you with all of the tools you need, literally and figuratively, to conduct a successful video shoot.


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