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August Proved to be a Success for ASL Productions

What a great way to close out the summer!

Check out this corporate recruiting video we made for Sparta Systems. Watching this video would make anyone want to work at Sparta!

Hi ASL Friends,

We are working on an animated video for our client, AVNet. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help accelerate the AVNet brand. Here is a sneak peak snap shot of the video.


We have been continuing the positive momentum of our summer with a very busy August. ASL started the month strong with our shoot at the campus of Sparta Systems. We visited their office space and interviewed their staff to create a corporate recruiting video. Watch the finished video by clicking the thumbnail above. The day after our shoot with Sparta Systems, Adam flew to Utah to interview doctors at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for OncLive, an online network for everything oncology.

The next week, we were traveling again, this time to Baltimore. We produced a live stream presentation of a panel of doctors discussing cardio vascular health. We worked in collaboration with Pharmacy Times and Baltimore Studios. The live-stream shoot was an exciting and challenging project that had a few bumps in the road, but ended up coming becoming a universal success. Check out our case study blog describing our live-stream experience by clicking here.


As August progressed, so did our work load. We continued the packed month with shoots for our clients Meeting Tomorrow, Wiley, and PepsiCo, including covering the launch of NextBike in Hoboken, New Jersey and the Travers Stakes at Saratoga Springs, where we got to watch triple crown winner American Pharaoh.

ASL steamrolled along by creating an animated campaign for our new client, AVNet. AVNet has been great to collaborate with and our animated video campaign is in the revision part of the process (see the above picture from our AVNet animation).

While working on our many other projects in the month of August, ASL was able to produce another baseball piece, this time focusing on Phillies minor league pitcher Ben Lively. That project can be found on the American Sports Network website. We were also able to shoot the McGladrey Job Fair (see picture above) and interview some of the participants involved.

Keeping our positive momentum going, we kept our work load full with alternative projects. ASL Productions entered multiple video production contests. This gave us a chance to try something different than our normal work routine and expand our expertise.


Our summer is closing out on a great note. We anticipate September and October to be even better with lots of travel and work with our national network. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and check out our Twitter page. Stay tuned for more updates and for any information about ASL Productions, visit our website at or email


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