About Us

We make professional content that exceeds your project’s expectations at every level — in costs, in timeframes and in the unique style that we are guaranteed to deliver.

What We Do

Combining an unmatched eye for creative direction with pioneering technology and a nationwide team of professionals, ASL Productions delivers videos that engage, inspire and impress. We are here to provide you with a vision and breathe life into that vision, creating an audiovisual masterwork for you to launch toward your target market and grow your brand.

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Our Founding

After 5 years of working in sports television, Adam Lebenstein founded ASL Productions in 2007 with a focus on corporate videos, branding and marketing.

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Our Growth

With close attention to customer service and staying within or below the budgets of our clients, ASL business grew and began to make a name for itself.

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Our Progress

As we added clients, we added cutting edge equipment and continued to build our network of talented resources.

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Our Vision

Now, more than 8 years later we have developed a nationwide team that help us carry out our clients’ visions stylistically and affordably.

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Our Promise

Call or email us today and see for yourself. Not only will we beat the price you’ve been quoted, but we’ll also deliver gorgeous content that promises to exceed your expectations.

Video Production

With an experienced and unparalleled team of directors, technicians and camera operators, we create visual stories that inspire and engage.

Post Production

With the latest and most advanced software in animation and effects, ASL Productions will take your beautifully shot video and breathe vibrance and vitality into it!

Creative Copy

Pre-production is a part of our process. From pitching ideas to storyboards and script writing, ASL’s team of writers, producers, and animators can craft any idea into your next video.

A Little More About us

Our specialty is creative visual storytelling that engages the audience. We can do this in a marketing video, a sales video, or a testimonial video. We can make your event sizzle via recap or live coverage. We tell your story – your brand story, your business story, your product story. We produce videos that help corporations meet objectives in creative and engaging ways.

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