Small Business Profiles

Our experience in small business video production allows us to portray any businesses image in a clear and creative way. We understand that for small businesses, every dollar counts means just a little bit more and can cater our budgets to meet yours. It may not cost a million bucks, but we’ll still make it look that way for your small business.

Every company has an origin, and a story to go along with it. At ASL Productions we love producing business profiles and have extensive experience doing so. For these projects, we showcase a company in its element—its best light—and highlight what differentiates them from the competition, using their unique story to make that critical emotional connection with their intended audience.


Our work on a series of small business profiles in collaboration with American Express provides an excellent example of our work in this category. These include profiles for boutique shops such as Manuel Racim (custom suits), Grado Labs (quality audio devices) and Fresh Veggies (produce market).


If you’re looking for a way to communicate the uniqueness of your business, or any differentiator, the combination of our creative mindset, technical prowess and competitive pricing makes ASL Productions your ideal video partner.


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