From electric turntables to macro detail shots, we can ensure that any aspect of your product is highlighted exactly how you would expect it to be. We understand how to promote and highlight your product’s key features while displaying it in a tasteful and creative way.

Throughout our 10+ years producing video content, a large portion of our work at ASL Productions has centered on showcasing products, including our production of product explainers, tutorials, testimonials, retail showcases and several other styles of product videos. The thread that runs through them all is our understanding that consumers don’t want to be sold products, they want to achieve a goal. So, we treat goals as the focus, and highlight the ways in which products make a means to those goals.


Our Kenwood Multi-Pro demo video is a great example of a product video, which also doubles as an explainer or tutorial. Food processors have a primarily utilitarian purpose for their user, so for this video, we focused on the utility of the product.


Conversely, our product video for Thermador, which is also a perfect example of what we call “branded content”, showcases kitchen appliances that sit out in the open. For that reason, this video focuses more on the aesthetic and features a celebrity chef preparing gorgeous food.


The value of working with ASL Productions is that we bring more to the table than technical production services. We bring the value of a creative partner who understands how to connect a product with its intended audience, and bring that audience to action. The utility of a food processor, the look of a beautiful stove top and delicious food—these are the consumer’s ideals, not just another piece of metal in their kitchen.


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