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At ASL, we pride ourselves on the ability to know the story and get the shot! This can be especially difficult in a live action scenario where you only get one chance to capture the moment. But with ASL on the cameras, we’ll cover it from every angle at every time to bring your vision to life with no re-takes or re-shoots.

There are few settings where the resourcefulness and reliability of our crew at ASL Productions shine quite as bright as in a live production or live stream setting. In a live production, there are no second chances. Every operator has to be on point for the duration of the shoot, which is why ASL has been a trusted partner on many live productions, including the celebrity-hosted grand opening of Foot Locker in Times Square, the Facebook live stream for the Rockin’ Fights 27 boxing event, and live streams for Intellisphere, for which we keyed out a green screen while live.


The experience and skill of our operators at ASL Productions lend themselves extremely well to a live production setting. We are always on our toes, have the necessary equipment and crew, and we perform with consistent reliability. For Rockin’ Fights 27, we provided 4-camera coverage, plus an experienced live producer and all necessary equipment, all on less than 24 hours notice. When we say we’re resourceful, we mean it!


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