Interviews comprise a critical component of many of the videos we produce at ASL Productions. Video interviews provide a powerful way for brands to connect with their audiences on a more personal level, and at ASL, we pride ourselves on producing engaging video interviews that actually inspire action.


It takes a skilled production crew to film an engaging video interview. Placement of the subject, lighting, camera angles, scripts (or the lack thereof), editing and a multitude of other factors contribute to a successfully engaging video interview, so our 10+ years experience in this area gives ASL Productions an edge.


When filming an interview, whether stand-alone, part of a larger video piece, single camera or multi-camera, we take care to ensure that everything in the frame adds to the desired tone and strengthens the connection with the audience. Likewise, we ensure the frame is free from distractions, such as strong shadows and dead space. We typically film both scripted and unscripted material, as each person has different strengths in that regard, then we use the power of editing to craft our subjects best moments into an effective story. Often, our unscripted work is our best.


Above all, when filming video interviews we always keep the goal in mind. While an interview might seem like a relatively straightforward production, there’s a lot of subtlety that goes into filming an interview that actually engages its audience as intended. The ASL difference is in our attention to those details, and our experience—we produce content that works!


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