The 10 Most Important Things To Look For At A High End Recording Studio in NYC

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Podcasts are a great way to create content, get pull quotes, express your views and reach out to your creative and professional community to make connections and relationships. But finding the perfect podcast studio rental isn’t always so easy.

Not everyone can build a podcasting studio in their home or office. For those who can’t, the next step is to find a professional space that has everything you need (or may eventually need!), removes barriers for recording and creates a great environment for you to be creative in!

Below are some of the first checklist items we suggest looking for when searching for your new podcast space!



This is important for a lot of reasons, but especially when finding a space to record podcasts! Just like with the gym, you’re more likely to go if it is conveniently located for you. Obviously the best way to do this would be to have something in your home or office, but as we covered earlier that’s just not an option for everyone! Finding a podcast studio near me is one of the more important elements in the search.

ASL Productions and ASL Studios Video Podcast Studio is located just blocks from MSG, Penn Station and Times Square


The next best option is to pick a studio that is close to your office or on your commute. Podcasting like lots of things is about consistency and commitment. You’ll be far more likely to record more often and capture that content you need regularly if the barriers like a long drive or inconvenience is removed.

Also make sure that the space you land on is flexible. Things happen! Everyone gets that. But make sure your space allows you to change hours or even days as they approach.



Whether you are looking to film your podcast out of the gate or not, it’s a good idea to check with your potential podcast studio to make sure that they have the resources to create a high quality video podcast for you if and when you should need it.

Keep in mind there are spaces that will allow you to bring in your own gear and crew should you need it, but like with everything else, convenience is king! It’s always simplest if you can walk in, record and leave and have everything else handled by the studio you’re in.

Cast of Cool Runnings at ASL Studios Video Podcast Room on The Real Vibe Podcast

Cast of Cool Runnings in the ASL Studios Video Podcast Studio


If you’re not sure if you should be recording your podcasts, keep this in mind that 30% of podcast fans WATCH their podcast instead of listening and that number is only climbing. Video podcasts are also great for marketing & social!



If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or elevating your production value congrats! That’s a big step. This is also a great time to start thinking about what’s next. Do you want photography for products or headshots for your media empire? Maybe you want to a gameshow, commercial or livestream?

While many podcast studios are great for podcasts, it’s important when partnering with a space to think about what’s next and how it may benefit you down the line. As with most things, the most you are able to do with one space, the better and bigger your discounts and value will become.

Full Color Lighting Grid to give any color background you want at a moments notice in our video production studio in midtown!

Full RBG grid in Studio One means any colors, any time at a moment’s notice.


The other big element to discuss here is Editing. Editing is critical to not just video podcasts but audio as well. Before you begin, you’ll want to consider if you will be leaving your recording with all the footage and audio clips and editing it together yourself, or if you’d like to find a studio that can handle all of your editing, animation, graphics and cutdowns for social as one convenient package.

ASL Studios has a full staff of editors, animators and graphics experts for your next project.

Full team of editors for audio and video



This goes for podcast equipment such as mics, stands, headphones and mixer as well as camera and lighting if you want to do a video podcast.

A microphone like the SMB70 has become ubiquitous across the country as “the” podcast mic. Not only does it have the look that makes you go, “oh ya, this is a podcast alright”, but it also gives you the crisp, clean audio that you can always count on.


ASL Studios Video Podcast Studio with RodeCaster Pro ii and Shure SM7B Microphones.

RodeCaster Pro ii and Shure SM7B Microphones


Another reason these mics and their brethren are so important is ambient noise. The last thing you want on a podcast or any audio recording is audio bleed from your other guests. Something like the RodeCaster Pro II allows you to record isos of all of your audio tracks along with a mix. This is the best way to ensure the highest quality audio.


Finally, but definitely not least important is the look! The look of your video podcast includes everything from the lighting design to furniture and layout. Some studios only have one option for filming which is totally acceptable for many who are looking to dive in to video podcasting. However, if you’re looking for something a little more dialed in, you may want to consider a podcast studio that allows for options when it comes to lighting, colors and furniture.

Video Podcast Studio at ASL Studios in Midtown NYC

Looks and colors for every production, blocks from Penn Station

Most podcasts are done either around a table in chairs, in accent chairs, on a couch or a combination of all of them. You can also choose between stand mics, hand mics and articulating arm mounts. There is no right answer to any of these, but if you have something in mind for the look and feel of your podcast, it’s important to ask to make sure the studio you land on has the flexibility to get you the look and vibe you’re looking for!

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