With an experienced and unparalleled team of directors, technicians and camera operators, we create visual stories that inspire and engage.


From live events to behind the scenes to nature and studio portraits, ASL Productions is here to handle all your professional photography needs!


With the latest and most advanced software in animation and effects, ASL Productions will take your beautifully shot video and breathe vibrance and vitality into it!


We are creative visual storytellers, but in order to get the best outcome for our clients, we must understand their business.
Thankfully, we have a broad range of experience across a diverse number of industries.


  • Brand Videos
  • Corporate Recruiting
  • Corporate Videos
  • Green Screen + Visual Effects
  • Interviews
  • Live Actio
  • Products Small
  • Business Profiles
  • Testimonials/Case Studies
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ASL Productions is a full service corporate video production company that will work with you and for you from start to finish. Our clients trust us to produce visual stories that are compelling and powerful. We are digital video experts who have workted across all industry sectors and on all types of projects. From animation to brand marketing, if you have a video need, we have your solution. And we’re not just confined to NY/NJ. Our network of industry professionals is nationwide, and even more importantly, our distinctive creative eye is limitless. Call or email us today and we’ll get started bringing your vision to life!

Let’s begin the one project you will never forget!


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