Green Screen and Visual Effects

We know what it takes to provide a clean key and to make your green-screen shoot look and feel like a real environment. We also have the skills to use these effects to make any production stand out among the crowd.

Blockbuster movies aren’t the only appropriate media for the use of green screens and after effects! At ASL Productions, we use green screens and after effects all the time, and for myriad applications.


When using a green screen, there are nearly endless possibilities with how you can treat a background, whether you want to place the subject in a remote setting, or animate the surrounding space. Utilizing a green screen effectively takes skill and experience. To achieve the best effect, lighting has to be even across a green screen, the subject needs to be placed an appropriate distance from it, and all participants have to be well aligned on the creative treatment and vision for the final video. Then, a post-production crew has to apply the desired after effects with finesse to create a sense of realism.


ASL’s 10+ years experience and talented crew lend themselves well to green screen projects. We’ve used green screens for a broad range of applications, including adding custom backdrops during a live stream, and creating a sense of interaction between a subject and their animated surroundings.


Beyond their use on green screen projects, after effects play a role in nearly every production at ASL. We generally use after effects to create motion graphics, including animated brand logos, kinetic transitions between scenes, and the addition of other animations to a video. We have editors and animators skilled in a variety of animation styles. Challenge us – we can bring any vision to life!


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