Corporate Recruiting

At ASL Productions, we call the HR department “the other marketing department,” because an organization’s employment experience permeates and affects every aspect of its business. Just as organizations compete when selling a service or product, they must compete for human resources that will give their company an edge. To that end, ASL works with many of our partners to produce videos that highlight the benefits of employment with them.


ASL’s recruiting videos include a range of styles and tones, but generally, we approach recruiting assets with the same mindset as we do any video asset for a brand – our goal is to create emotion, to relate directly to the target audience and inspire action. In this case, that action is the seeking of employment with our partner. To inspire that action, we look to the heart of an organization and to understand exactly what makes for a successful employment relationship there. Our goal is not to attract the objective “best” candidate, but the best candidate for our partner in each case.


Some recruiting videos are very direct with their messaging, while others are treated as more of a branded, indirect message meant to double as a general brand-builder. Beyond that range, ASL also applies experiential components to some of our partners’ recruitment efforts. ASL has joined one of our partners at multiple career fairs around the country to create an exceptional interview experience at their booth, which incorporates the use of video production and on-site editing to provide candidates with a way to review their performance, and in some cases win prizes. Aside from its practical applications, this experiential approach generates an excitement that helps build brand affinity among employment candidates and the general public alike.


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