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We have the ability to connect a brand and their audience. We are able to create a story that will reach and relate to you and your desired clientele.

We work with brands in nearly every sector to produce video content that builds a lasting emotional connection with their audience. Branded video content isn’t necessarily about a brand’s products or services, it’s about relating to the end goal of the product or service. For example, when producing branded video campaigns for an institutional financial brand, we focus on the emotional message by telling a story about family security—about a worry-free home life.


What does a brand really sell? Feelings. What differentiates branded videos produced by ASL Productions is that we make the effort to understand the subject brand on a primal level, to understand what their audience wants to feel when they purchase that brand’s product or service. Then, we produce video content that strengthens the connection between the subject brand and that feeling.


There’s no one-size-fits-all. Our branded video content works because we are results oriented, and because we understand that the tone of a branded content video is affected by everything, from camera angles and movement, to lighting, setting and music. Even the general atmosphere on set can affect the ultimate tone of a video production.


Check out this case study, showing the metrics on ASL’s branded video content for one of our institutional financial brand partners, versus the metrics for a video about the same brand, but not produced by ASL:


BMW i - A Window into the Near Future

IKEA Presents - Living Room Lived In

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