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We’ve been able to collaborate with new and recurring clients to help produce some of our best work to date. That being said, lets get right to what makes ASL, ASL….the work!

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With a rapid turnaround time of only 12 hours, ASL produced, filmed and edited a video at the annual Consumer 360 conference for data and market measurement firm and long-time client, Nielsen. 

The first two days of the conference were filled with interviews, break-out learning experiences, and speaker sessions. Our team covered a wide range of events and exciting talks with speakers such as the Executive Chairman and CEO of Nielsen, Jeff Peck. This year’s theme was motivating progress and transforming the playing field. Highlights included speaker, Bethenny Frankel and musical guest, Five for Fighting, who gave a moving presentation that mixed performances with his career backstory.

ASL created a video to recap highlights of days one and two of the conference, which debuted at the farewell breakfast on the morning of day three. Take a look at some highlights above. 

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How employees spend their time outside of work is important to their mental wellbeing, which is why accounting firm, RSM, partnered with us to create a video that highlights their employee’s talents, skills, and interests outside of the office. 

We had two video crews filming interviews and out-of-work activities for RSM to showcase their philosophy that employees who are happy and productive outside of work will help to create a better office environment.

To highlight their employees, we filmed RSM workers in their Chicago office sharing how they spend their time being productive outside of work. We also filmed employees in a pedicab while exploring the Chicago city streets which was a blast for everyone in front and behind the camera.

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PFLAG is a nonprofit organization for the parents of lesbian and gay youth that works to create a community for those families. Through this project, ASL was able to play an influential role in helping bring awareness to PFLAG’s cause by filming virtual aspects of their annual fundraiser, PFLAG Parent’s Day. 

We provided a teleprompter and filmed intros, outros, transitions, and virtual interviews with PFLAG families and celebrity guests. Broadway star, Ramin Karimloo performed an Irish lullaby and Matthew Doyle hosted and conducted virtual interviews for the event. All of our filming took place in one hotel suite, in which we had to create multiple looks and provide a studio feel. 

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We filmed promotional content at the 3-day conference for the data analytics software company, Datarails. The DataRails team flew in from around the world for this company-wide conference which took place at their office at 1 Penn Plaza. 

We filmed 6 testimonial videos with the intent of using them as content to attract potential clients, an interim town hall meeting, and a captivating round table discussion with clients touting the benefits that they have experienced firsthand from using of using the DataRails software.

DataRails is one of many data analytics companies that partner with ASL to create marketing content. In filming all of this content, we have become an industry leader in filming the data analytics industry leaders. 

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Stay up to date with us about upcoming projects! Music festival season is once again upon us and we are working with our client, Set Creative, to film Coca Cola’s interactive display at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Nashville, Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago, Osheaga Festival in Montreal, and Governors Ball Music Festival here at home in New York City.

And since we can’t get enough of summer music festivals, we will also be working with the client, Team, to cover footage of Governors Ball at Citi Field in New York.

Feel free to drop us a line and be sure to follow our LinkedIn and Instagram for the latest on what we’re up to each and every day.


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