With animations, the only limit is your imagination!

Whether producing video content for a promotion, tutorial, product showcase, or virtually any other purpose, animation can provide for a unique and cost-effective video. With animations, the only limit is your imagination!


At ASL Productions, we use animations in several ways. For some productions, we incorporate animations into video. One video we produced for our ongoing partner Nielsen, called “The Multicultural Consumer,” provides a great example of this. In this video, we use animated elements to highlight the breadth of data Nielsen maintains on consumers, but overlay those animations over actual video to show the association between the data and real people.


Animations also provide a great method for explaining technical products and services because we can create the ideal context for an explanation, without worrying about real-life production logistics. This video we produced for SafetyNow is a great example. SafetyNow helps contractors navigate risk. Using animation, we can demonstrate the ultimate value of the product without having to coordinate a potentially dangerous and expensive real-setting production.


A primary benefit of using animation for any video production is it’s relatively low cost. Animations require substantially fewer resources than traditional, real-world productions. For that reason, animated productions tend to be less expensive relative to producing the same concept on film. As with any production, there’s a range of quality and pricing in animations that serve a spectrum of needs. If you think you might  use animation in your next video production, ASL Production’s experienced producers can help you get started.


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